The American Revolution is a major event not only in American History, but in World History as well. These resources are designed to increase student engagement and enhance learning.

The American Revolution Activity Bundle

Products related to the American Revolutionary War

Instead of lecturing to students about The American Revolution, engage your students with our interactive Revolutionary War Game and American Revolution Resources


The American Revolution Simulation

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American Revolution Game

Presentation: The Enlightenment In Europe

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations

This History Presentations cover: Reason, Government Systems, Scientific Revolution, The Enlightenment, The Age of Reason, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Social Contract, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Beccaria, Mary Astell, Mary Wollstonecraft.

Presentation: The American Revolution PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations

These History Presentations cover: The Enlightenment, Independence, Navigation Act, The Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, 1st Continental Congress, 2nd Continental Congress, Lexington & Concord, Declaration of Independence, Yorktown, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, Constitutional Convention, The Federal System and The Bill of Rights.