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Create an Engaging Classroom With our Civil War Simulation

Are you looking for dynamic and engaging Civil War Map Activity for The classroom? Instead of lecturing to students about The American Civil War, engage students with this interactive activity.

Using gamification to teach about the Civil War, creates a competitive environment and students don't even realize how much they are learning as they are immersed in critical thinking and problem solving in the classroom.

Civil War Simulation

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These Civil War Lesson Plans are designed for High School, Middle School and Upper Elementary.

Online Learning Ready! We have created new systems, that will allow the teacher and students to be at their homes and conduct the simulation efficiently. Access to these tools are included. With ever changing conditions for our schools, having an online option gives the teacher and students great flexibility!


Students will understand the advantages and disadvantages the Confederate States and the Union States had during the Civil War.

Students will experience how industrialization,  railroads and a powerful navy had a huge impact on the war.

The Sequence of the Game: The Election of 1860

The Civil War Simulation starts with the election of 1860. Students take the roles of individual states and will research to see which candidate most closely matches the majority of that state's political beliefs. Students will then speak up for their candidates and explain why they are supporting them.

Students will then vote and a winner will be determined.

Election of 1860 Civil War Map Activity


As the election results start to come in, the Southern States begin to realize if they stay in the Union, slavery will be no more. The Southern States group together and begin to discuss breaking away from the Union and forming their own country: The Confederate States of America.

States Secede from the Union


Students will face the same challenges and advantages both the North and South had during the War. This Civil War Simulation is an engaging way to teach history!

Objectives of This Lesson Plan
Students Will Understand:
> How the Election of 1860 tore the country apart.

> The effects of the Union Naval Blockade on the Southern economy and military.

> How the vast Northern Railroad Network moved troops and supplies quickly and efficiently.

> The impact Northern Industry had on the war effort.

> How Natural Resources are the life-blood of industry and manufacturing.

>How the South overcame severe disadvantages because of inaction by the North.

Civil War Map Activity War Map

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