Ancient World History Presentations

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Ancient World History Presentations

World History Patterns of Interaction- History Presentations

Unit 1: Beginnings of Civilization

Module 1: The Beginnings of World History (Prehistory-2500 BC)

  • Lesson 2: Human Origins In Africa
  • Lesson 3: Humans Try To Control Nature
  • Lesson 4: Neolithic Cultures

Module 2: Early River Valley Civilizations (3500 BC to 450 BC)

  • Lesson 1: Civilization
  • Lesson 2: City States in Mesopotamia
  • Lesson 3: Pyramids On The Nile
  • Lesson 4: Planned Cities On The Indus
  • Lesson 5: River Dynasties In China

Module 3: People and Ideas On The Move (2000 BC to 250 BC)

  • Lesson 1: The Indo-Europeans
  • Lessons 2 & 3: Hinduism and Buddhism Develop
  • Lesson 4: Seafaring Traders Minoans & Phoenicians
  • Lesson 5: The Origins of Judaism

Module 4: First Empires In Africa and Asia (1570 BC to 200 BC)

  • Lesson 1: The Egyptian and Nubian Empires
  • Lesson 2: The Assyrian Empire
  • Lesson 3: The Persian Empire
  • Lesson 4: The Unification of China

Unit 2: New Directions in Government and Society

Module 5: Classical Greece (2000 BC to 200 BC)

  • Lesson 1: Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea
  • Lesson 2: Warring City-States
  • Lesson 3: Democracy and Greece's Golden Age
  • Lesson 4: Achievements In Greek Culture
  • Lesson 5: Alexander The Great

Module 6 The Roman World and Early Christianity (500 BC to AD 500)

  • Lesson 4: The Origins of Christianity

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