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II. Social Studies

A. Primary Source Documents
1. Library of Congress Primary Sources
​2. Iowa Heritage Digital Collections​​
3. History By Mail: Primary Source Replica Subscription

B. Pinterest
1. Social Studies

C. Government
1. Comparing the Governments of Great Britain and The United States

D. Other Sites:
1. History & Social Studies Links Page
2. Gapminder: Interactive maps about history, economics, education......
3. Visualizing Economics
4. Active (Interesting activities and lessons)
5. The Classroom (Educational Resources)
6. Maps of the World: Info-graphics for everything!
7. Global Firepower: Compare the military & industrial power of all countries
8. The Armenian Genocide Museum - Institute
9. List of countries by past and future populations
10. History Resource Cupboard- History Teaching Resources
12. Simple History Animated Short Videos
13. Talking Social Studies: Ideas for the 21st Century
14. The Real of History: Online Study of History; fascinating stories/discoveries
15. U.S. History of Wartime Nurses
16. HistoryHitTV
17. The Cunning Teacher: Free History Resources
18. Roots of Reality: A History Podcast "Unraveling 13 .8 billion years that led to you"
19. EdTechTools: Podcast for Social Studies Tech in the classroom
20. Extra Credits: Animated History Lessons
21. HistoryBites: Short topic History Videos
22. 21st Century Skills
23. Social Studies Common Core

E. World History:

  1. Grey History: Podcast about the French Revolution
    2. Art In History Products
    3. Ancient World History
    a. Ancient Greece History Podcast
    4. World History Resources

F. American History:
1. AMDOCS: Documents For The Study of American History
2. The Constitution Explained Through Videos
3. History Heroes: Animated amusing videos about American History
4. Periodic Presidents
5. American History Resources

G. History Organizations
1. World History Association
2. National Council For History Education
3. American Historical Association
5. California Council For The Social Studies
6. National Council For The Social Studies
7. Organization of American Historians

H. Social Studies Standards
1. UCLA History: National Center For History in the Schools

III. World War I

IV. World War II

V. The Cold War

VI. The American Civil War

VII. The American Revolution

VIII. The Holocaust

XI. The Vietnam War

A. Pinterest
1. The Vietnam War
2. Vietnam War Hollywood Movies

B. Other Links:
1. Vietnam War Web Sources

X. Other Education Related Sites

B. The Classroom
-A great free resource site for students, parents and teachers.
C. Jooble
-Historian Jobs
D. Teacher's Guide to Cyber Security
E. Jobsora: World Wide Education Jobs

XI. History of Education