Interactive World War 1 History Presentation

If you plan to teach about World War I soon, you might want to help your students understand this important conflict in a unique way. If so, then try the interactive World War 1 history presentation from

Teach History in a New Way

Involve students in history with this interactive WW1 history presentation. Teach them about the countries involved, the alliances they built, the fronts they fought on, the technology they used, and the events that started, continued, and ended the war.

Over the course of five days, you’ll be able to teach students about World War I in a new, entertaining, and enlightening way with World War 1 lesson plans that include online tools, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and student groups. Besides learning about the Great War, students will be able to form alliances, use diplomacy, think strategically, solve issues, and use critical thinking skills.

Discover the Simulation for Yourself

If you want to try out the presentation yourself before presenting it to your students, find all the tools you need here. You can try out our demo, watch the tutorials, see how the presentation works for different school settings, and see how our presentation can help with concept-based learning and 21st-century skills. Our WW1 classroom activities can often fulfill national history standards for this specific time period.

Order the Simulation Today

If you’re ready to take your students on a history trip back to 1914, then order your World War I simulation subscription now. Each new subscription is good for a year and is continually renewable. Subscriptions are available via credit card or purchase order.

If you have any questions, please call us at (515) 689-3960 or fill out our online form. History is a fascinating subject, so ensure your students are eager and involved in learning with our WW1 history simulator. We look forward to helping you bring history to life!