American Revolution Simulation (TM)

900 American Revolution Simulation Activity

By (TM) / February 11, 2021 /
  • American Revolution Simulation
  • Interactive Lesson Plan
  • Roles of Leaders
  • Problem Solve and use Critical Thinking Skills
  • Develop Strategy
  • Hands-On approach
  • Comprehension and Long Term Learning
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910 American Revolution Activity Bundle

By (TM) / June 24, 2021 /
  • The American Revolution Activity is an interactive activity that gets students involved and excited about History.
    • Students will take the roles of leaders during the American Revolution and will be confronted with the same problems they faced.
    • Students will have to problem solve to strategize and overcome these obstacles.
    • This hands-on approach to learning history will create more comprehension and long term learning because you will have captured their attention and kept them interested.
    • The excitement of a simulation creates long term learning.
  • This bundle includes the History Presentations: “The Enlightenment
  • This bundle includes the History Presentations The American Revolution”
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