Our Cold War History page has lots of information including study guides about the major events of the Cold War and links to other information. Even though the Soviets and Western Allies worked together to defeat the Axis Powers, soon after both sides became very suspicious of each other. Alliance turned into rivalry as both East and West raced to grab German scientists and the technologies they were working on.

 The name Cold War refers to the icy cold relations between the Soviet Union and The United States. Soon after the end of World War Two, major alliances developed: NATO, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization for the West and The Warsaw Pact made up of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block countries. Soon a Nuclear Arms Race would lead the world to the brink of total annihilation on more than one occasion. It would all finally end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Early Nineties.

Cold War: Superpowers Face Off

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The United States and the Soviet Union worked together to defeat the Nazis, but soon after became very suspicious of the other.

Allies Become Enemies

Eastern Europe's Iron Curtain

United States Tries to Contain Soviets

The Cold War Divides The World

Cold War: Communists Take Power In China

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When WWII Ended, the Chinese Civil War Resumed

Communists Vs. Nationalists

The Two Chinas Affect The Cold War

​The Communists Transform China

Cold War: Wars In Korea and Vietnam

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After World War II, Korea and Vietnam are divided in two and indirect wars between the superpowers began.

War In Korea

War Breaks Out In Vietnam

The United States Gets Involved

Postwar Southeast Asia

The Cold War Divides The World

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After World War II, the Superpowers competed for influence in the Third World.

Fighting For The Third World

Confrontation In Latin America

Confrontations In The Middle East

The Cold War Thaws

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The Soviets force Eastern Block countries to direct their economies to meet the Soviet Unions needs

Soviet Policy In Eastern Europe & China

From Brinksmanship To Detente

​The Collapse of Detente

The Collapse of The Soviet Union

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The Soviet Union stagnates and collapses in the late 1980's.

Gorbachev Moves Toward Democracy

Reforming The Economy and Politics

The Soviet Union Faces Turmoil

Russia Under Boris Yeltsin

​Russia Under Valdimir Putin

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The CGA is happy to present a set of resources designed to help educators and students engage in inquiries into the effect of the Cold War on perceptions and representations of the world as well as the use of maps and geographic information as rhetorical weapons in the execution of the Cold War.​
20. The Cold War Conversation Podcast

We’re about recording the personal stories and lesser known aspects of the Cold War. Our goal is to preserve these stories and encourage people to learn more about this critical period in world history. We are building an oral archive of those who lived through and experienced the Cold War first hand.