9. Empires in East Asia: Engaging Micro Lessons



Micro Lessons: I organized these lessons to increase engagement in my classroom by having smaller assignments in different formats. I thought this would help keep students engaged longer. What I didn’t expect was for it to make teaching more enjoyable for me. By breaking a lesson into 3-5 parts with different activities, teaching is more enjoyable.  Students say the class period seems to go by fast!

Micro Lessons are 15-20 Minute partial lessons over smaller sections of a lesson. 

File Types: (Power Point, Keynote)-Zip drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs

Module 9 Empires in East Asia

9.1 Tang & Song China

9.1a Collective Organizer: The Tang Dynasty Expand s China

9.1b PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: The Song Dynasty Restores China

9.1c Coggle Activity: An Era of Prosperity and Innovation

9.1d PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: Philosophy and Religion Blend Views

9.2 The Mongols

9.2a Individual Organizer: Nomads of the Asian Steppe

9.2b PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: The Rise of the Mongols

9.2c Collective Organizer: The Mongol Empire

9.2d PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: Kublai Kahn Becomes Emperor

9.2e Coggle Activity: Mongol Rule in China

9.2f PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: The End of Mongol Rule

9.3 Korean Dynasties

9.3a PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: The Korean Peninsula

9.3b Individual Organizer: Silla and Koryo

9.4 Feudal Powers in Japan

9.4a PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: The Growth of Japanese Civilization

9.4b Collective Organizer: Japanese Culture 

9.4c PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: Life in the Heian Period

9.4d Coggle Activity: Feudalism Erodes Imperial Authority 

9.5 Kingdoms of Southeast Asia

9.5a PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation: Influences on Southeast Asia

9.5b Collective Organizer: Early Kingdoms and Empires

PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation includes both Keynote and PowerPoints for that lesson and a Google Doc of the Presenter’s Notes, Higher Order Questions, Social Studies Concepts. Graphics and Animations that help students learn.

Google Docs and Google Sheets have links for you to create a copy of the document. Please respect the work and do not share those with others. 

Individual Organizer (Google Sheets) Individual Graphic Organizer, Higher Order Questions, Social Studies Concepts

Collective Organizer (Google Sheets) Group Graphic Organizer, Higher Order Questions, Social Studies Concepts

Coggle: Free Mind Mapping program that allows students to organize their notes, concepts and links to more information.

Unit Guide: Micro Lesson Plan for the Unit; including Answer Tab, Main Idea for the lesson, Success Criteria, Social Studies Concepts & Explanations.

These materials were prepared by Harms LLC and have neither been developed, reviewed, nor endorsed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, publisher of the original World History Patterns of Interaction work on which this material is based.


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