29.1 Cold War: Superpowers Face Off History Presentation


Mr. Harms Keynotes/Power Points use animation to bring your presentations to life and help students understand the sequence of historical events. The presentations are totally customizable, add your own pictures, graphics and animations to take what we’ve done even farther. At less than $5.00, it will save you time and lay the foundation for presentations that help students understand and remember. Subjects: The Yalta Conference, United Nations, Iron Curtain, Potsdam Conference, Containment, Domino Theory, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Wall, Berlin Airlift, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Nuclear War, Arms Race, Brinksmanship, ICBM, Sputnik and Apollo Moon Program.


Engaging History Presentations
      Mr. Harms has designed a number of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with key Social Studies Concepts and Critical Thinking Questions to help students understand history. Designed by a teacher for teachers, this PowerPoint focuses on “Cold War Superpowers Face Off“.
     This presentation is designed to give them an overview of the events leading up to and during the Cold War. Students will be shown maps, animations and descriptions of some of the major events leading to the Cold War.
The presentation is totally customizable, allowing you to add your own pictures, graphics and animations to take what we’ve done even farther. 
What is your time worth? Our basic pricing system for History Presentations is 10 cents per slide.  Some title slides may only take 30 seconds to create, but complex slides with animations and coordinated builds for complicated topics may take 30 minutes or more.  It’s not unusual for a presentation to take between 3 and 7 hours of work.  What could you do with 6 or 7 free hours?
​Topics Included    
 Topics include: Cold War, Yalta Conference, Joseph Stalin, United Nations, Security Council, United States, Soviet Union, Communism, Iron Curtain, Satellite Countries, Capitalism, Domino Theory, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Berlin Wall, Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Arms Race, Brinksmanship, ICBM, Sputnik, Apollo.
Included in The Presentation Package:
1.    Keynote Presentation
2.    Power Point Presentation
3.    Text edit file of the outline of the presentation and presenter’s notes.
The package is a digital download (Zip File) of these three items.
We have a number of PowerPoints related to Modern World History. These units are proven to engage students in a way that text books and documentaries can’t. Hundreds of teachers are using these lesson plans to bring history to life for students. It’s a unit you’ll use year after year. Source: McDougal Littel’s World History: Patterns of Interaction Unit 8 Perspectives On The Present Chapter 33 Restructuring The Post War World Section 1 “Cold War: Superpowers Face Off”
​​These materials were prepared by Harms LLC and have neither been developed, reviewed, nor endorsed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, publisher of the original WORLD HISTORY: Patterns of Interaction work on which this material is based.

2 reviews for 29.1 Cold War: Superpowers Face Off History Presentation

  1. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Great presentation!
    This is a fantastic and well developed presentation that shows the start of the Cold War. Great job detailing many of the early events of the conflict as well as the vocabulary and detailed policies. Highly recommend with any classroom setting.

  2. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    I found this very detailed which is great for the classroom. I liked that it came with extra handouts like maps and graphics to use as well as the presentation. The presentation itself is very detailed and goes through the events simply so that anyone can follow and understand what is to some a very complicated event. Would recommend to anyone teaching this subject.

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