11.4 England and France Develop History Presentations




  • England and France Develop History Presentations
  • This product includes Keynote (Apple) and Power Point (Microsoft) presentations
  • Main Topics of this Presentation:Centralized Government, Anglo-Saxon, Carolingian, Vikings, Canute, Edward The Confessor, William The Conqueror, Battle of Hastings, Harold Godwinson, Henry II, Common Law, Juries, Magna Carta, Richard Lion Heart, John Softsword, Model Parliament, Edward I, Parliament, Capetian Dynasty Hugh Capet, Philip II, Louis The Pious, French Appeals Court, Louis IX, Philip IV, Estates General
  • Customize these presentations to fit your needs/style
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Social Studies Concepts
  • Innovative Animations that explain topics and show sequence


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