110 World War One Simulation: Upper Elementary + 1 Year Online


  • World War One Simulation Elementary
  • Interactive Lesson Plan
  • Students take the Roles of Leaders during the American Revolution
  • Students will Problem Solve and use Critical Thinking Skills
  • Students will develop Strategy
  • Hands-On approach to learning history
  • More Comprehension and Long Term Learning


  • World War One Simulation Elementary Materials Included:

    • Alliance Certificates
    • Post Simulation Report
    • Advanced Common Core Reports
    • 1914 Intelligence Report
    • Invasion Order Certificates
    • WWI Simulation Operations Manual
    • Student overview
    • World Situation Summary 1914
    • European Alliance System Map
    • WWI Political Map
    • Online Platform Manual
    • World Times Articles: Handouts (4)
    • Country Binder Spine Labels and Front Covers
    • Country Display Flags
    • Example Turn
    • Leader List
    • Materials Organization Document
    • Simulation Report Answer Key
    • Teacher Step By Step Instructions
    • Teacher Overview
    • Country Desk Signs
    • Top Secret Country Documents (16)
    • (Includes 1 year subscription to The WWI Online Platform)  This Simulation is Online Learning Ready!

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2 reviews for 110 World War One Simulation: Upper Elementary + 1 Year Online

  1. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    M. Ross
    This was a fantastic simulation. The students were so involved that they would plot strategies in other classes when they were together. Other teachers commented on how seriously the students were taking their roles and were impressed at the overwhelming focus on detail. This was a great teaching/learning tool.

  2. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Engaging and educational
    A great simulation. My classes were eager and excited to participate each day. Students had a thorough understanding of both WWI and of European geography by the time the simulation was over. A lot of great resources were included and David responded quickly to questions I had. Thanks.

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