28.4 WWII The Allied Victory History Presentations



  • WWII The Allied Victory History Presentation
  • This product includes Keynote (Apple) and Power Point (Microsoft) presentations
  • Main Topics of this Presentation:1941-1945. The Topics range from North Africa, The Eastern Front, The Invasion of Italy, The Allied Homefront, D-Day, Battle of The Bulge, The Pacific Theater and The Atom Bomb.
  • Customize these presentations to fit your needs/style
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Social Studies Concepts
  • Innovative Animations that explain topics and show sequence

8 reviews for 28.4 WWII The Allied Victory History Presentations

  1. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Great Presentations
    Great presentations that covers the tactics of the Allied forces at the height of American involvement during WWII. I like how the PowerPoint/keynote goes through and covers some of the major impact events as well as Soviet and American involvement.

  2. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Great Info
    The animations in the keynote especially are great. One more added layer to keep your students attention focused. This is a great as a stand alone or as something to add your own info to.

  3. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Helpful Animation
    Good World War II PowerPoint with animation to help focus in on the key areas of the war fought in Europe and the Pacific. Really good information provided and images enhance the learning. Very easy to understand and follow along. Would recommend using at a Junior High or Senior High level. Could be used on its own or as a supplemental lesson.

  4. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Nice product!
    This is a nicely polished presentation that delves just deep enough into the important aspects of WWII to fit well with my high school US HIstory and World History courses. The animations keep things interesting and drive student focus towards the key concepts that they need to master. I recommend checking this out and integrating it into any course where WWII is discussed.

  5. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Great product
    I can’t wait to show my students this presentation. It summarizes WWII perfectly with a lot of relevant information and graphics (which is great for keeping my students engaged). I can see that this would be a very engaging presentation as it even includes higher order questions to quiz students and their attention during the lesson. Provides all supporting material you need to do the presentation and I can’t wait to trial it.

  6. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Another great product
    This Power Point will be a well-used tool in my Socials 11 and History 12 classrooms. The information can serve as either an intro to a unit on WWII or as a handy review that summarizes the key events in both the European and Pacific Theatres of war. Animation and text are integrated together in a smooth fashion. This Power Point could serve as a great model for students to use as a template for their own design. I continue to be impressed with the products created by Mr. Harms, from his simulation games to power points to instructional videos.

  7. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    WWII Keynote PowerPoint
    This was a great summary of key events in WWII. Since I teach this topic to7th graders, I don’t get as in depth as most high school level classes but this gave my kids a brief summary of important events. It was easy for them to follow and had great visuals.

  8. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Good PowerPoint with great visuals
    This is a very helpful powerpoint to explain World War II. The animations and great visuals will help students stay engaged during the lesson. Each slide contains only the important information in words along with several pictures and animations that will help students see what happened at each point during the war. There are a few typos, but overall I was very happy with the product and would strongly recommend it to anyone.

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