World War 2 was easily the greatest and most widespread conflict in the History of the World! There were numerous conflicts before WWII that are detailed in the Study Guide: Aggressors Invade Nations. The Second World War officially begins on September 1st 1939, with the Nazi invasion of Poland detailed in Hitler's Lightning War. The focus turns to the Pacific Theater inJapan's Pacific Campaign​We take you from the deeps roots and history of antisemitism to the Final Solution in The Holocaust.

 The Allies finally turn the tide of the war as German, Italian and Japanese forces find themselves on the defensive. The Allied Victory summarizes the drive on Berlin and Tokyo that eventually lead to victory in World War II. Finally, the aftermath of the war is detailed in Europe and Japan In Ruins.

WW2: Aggressors Invade Nations

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Italy, Germany and Japan become aggressive and other countries want to avoid war at all costs. The League of Nations failed to stop aggression. Militarists take control of Japan. In 1931, Japan invades Manchuria. In 1937, Japan invades China- halting the civil war between the Communists and Nationalists. In Italy Mussolini invades Ethiopia. In Germany, Hitler defies the Versailles Treaty, rearms and reoccupies the Rhineland in 1936. Germany-Italy and then Japan form the Axis Powers. The U.S. remains Isolationist. Germany and Austria unite. In the Munich Pact, the Western Powers allow Hitler to annex the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia. Hitler and Stalin sign the Non-Aggression Pact to never attack each other.

WW2: Hitler's Lightning War

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The Nazi's and Soviets sign the Non-Aggression Pact. Hitler Invades Poland unleashing Blitzkrieg. The Soviet Union invades Finland. The French and British sit behind the Maginot Line during the Phony War. Germany invades Denmark and Norway, next the Low Countries. Germany next invades France. Hitler sets his sites on England and the Battle of Britain begins. Mussolini makes his move in North Africa. After failing to takeover Great Britain, Hitler shifts his focus to the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. The United States aids its allies with the Lend-Lease program after the Atlantic Charter.

WW2: Japan's Pacific Campaign

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America enters the war in the Pacific as Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor enrages Americans.

Surprise Attack On Pearl Harbor

Japanese Victories

The Allies Strike Back

​An Allied Offensive

WW2: The Holocaust

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Nazi Racial Ideology leads to the Genocide of Jews, Gypsies and other groups deemed subhuman.

The Holocaust Begins

The Final Solution

WW2: The Allied Victory

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The tide turns on the Eastern Front as well as in the Pacific leading to an Allied victory

The Tide Turns on Two Fronts

The Allied Home Fronts

Victory In Europe

Victory in the Pacific

WW2: Europe & Japan In Ruins

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World War Two left 60 million people dead and devastated the Axis countries.

Devastation In Europe

Postwar Governments and Politics

Postwar Japan

Occupation Brings Deep Changes

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a. WWII Voices in the classroom is a project that was started in 1998 by a group of WWII veterans in Washington State. They wanted to present the personal side of WWII in their own words before they passed away.