100 Home School: World War One Simulation + 1 Year Online


  • World War 1 Simulation
  • Interactive Lesson Plan
  • Students take the Roles of Leaders during the American Revolution
  • Students will Problem Solve and use Critical Thinking Skills
  • Students will develop Strategy
  • Hands-On approach to learning history
  • More Comprehension and Long Term Learning


World War One Simulation Materials Included:

  • Alliance Certificates
  • Post Simulation Report
  • Advanced Common Core Reports
  • 1914 Intelligence Report
  • Invasion Order Certificates
  • WWI Simulation Operations Manual
  • Student overview
  • World Situation Summary 1914
  • European Alliance System Map
  • WWI Political Map
  • Online Platform Manual
  • World Times Articles: Handouts (4)
  • Country Binder Spine Labels and Front Covers
  • Country Display Flags
  • Example Turn
  • Leader List
  • Materials Organization Document
  • Simulation Report Answer Key
  • Teacher Step By Step Instructions
  • Teacher Overview
  • Country Desk Signs
  • Top Secret Country Documents (16)
  • (Includes 1 year subscription to The WWI Online Platform)  This Simulation is Online Learning Ready!

4 reviews for 100 Home School: World War One Simulation + 1 Year Online

  1. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Great program
    My children had asked why we never see much on WWI, then I found this program. It was a great way to teach them. Not only does it give them the history lesson but it allowed them to experience the war. This is a great addition to any curriculum.

  2. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Best Lesson
    This is only my second year teaching. I used the World War I simulation last year and it was a huge hit with all my students and really the entire School. World History is a 9th grade class in Alabama but after we were done I had many upper class men wanting me to do it for them. So we ended up having a school wide Simulation with kids from 9th-12 grades. It was awesome and everyone learned without even knowing it. This is totally worth more than the five stars I gave it!!

  3. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Who doesn’t like RISK?
    Great way to teach the standards to your kids! The package comes with everything you need to successfully conduct a lesson on WWI. You have articles so the students can follow along with the timeline of actual events. You have secret documents that allow your students to each follow their own personal goals. There was nothing funner than watching the students fight to accomplish their goals while backstabbing allies and enemies alike, lol. No need for a written test, the students journals is a great way to show mastery of the content. The entire unit of WWI can be easily covered using this game, even if your school follow common core. As for Marzano the cognitive thinking is easily on Domain 4 for the kids. I had my school buy this for me last year and I’m so glad I did, awesome way to teach and have fun at the same time! Like playing a game of RISK or Axis vs. Allies!

  4. HistorySimulation.com (TM)

    Pure excitement
    This was by far the best thing I did with my students all year. I had parents calling me about it and students talking about it all year!

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