World War One Simulation

Italy 3 1913

Today is orientation day. I, as President of Italy have to try my hardest to follow my duties as one. Today I have made a secret alliance with France and also with the Ottoman Empire. The objectives I have to complete, so far, are on schedule. My feelings for the coming years are mixed. My foreign minister and I will continue to make the necessary arrangements to fulfill our objectives. Next year may not be so promising, things may get tricky. But as for now, France and Italy (I) have come up with a plan to get what the both of us want, without harming each other.

Italy 3 1914

News has come that Archduke has been killed.  This is causing an uproar for may places. There are reports that Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Germany, and Russia has mass mobilization of troops. Is there really going to be a war? As President of Italy I plan to stay neutral.  Serbia has said they are not taking the blame for the Archduke’s death. Austria-Hungary has stated “anyone with sour feelings to join the winning side.†No one is quite sure what is going to happen now, since there is so many alliances. But as for now, we are staying out of this conflict.

– Side note – I have made a Public alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. I still have not figured out if that was the smartest move for Italy. But since I have to gain land from places now ruled by Austria-Hungary, I may have good back up, since I have France, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire. Although, Germany seems to be on the side of Austria-Hungary. My foreign minister, France’s foreign minister, and I have conducted a meeting and we have discussed plans for how they will open back up the canal from the Aegean Sea zone to the Black Sea zone. We may need to hold that off until we have gotten our land back from Austria-Hungary. Because then we will still have trust with other people we allied with. Then once we have gotten our land back, France, (possibly) Germany, and the Ottoman Empire will still have our backs.

– Side note #2 – I have made an alliance with Russia and Great Britain. Russia and the smaller countries, also including Italy, have made a plan to condense Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary just tried to take Russia and Serbia,  and lost. Austria-Hungary although did take Bulgaria, and Bulgaria joined them. This year Germany is very angry with Austria-Hungary, because their army is very down, because of their loss in battles. Russia has a strong plan for Austria-Hungary. This year Russia also took over parts of the Ottoman Empire. As President still, it is my duty to try and take back parts of Italy, even if that means going against an alliance.

Italy 3 1915

We just joined the Allied Powers. Even though we had/have an alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Today we are moving in on our parts of Austria-Hungary.

– Italy moved into Tyrol of Austria-Hungaryand took a decent loss. We were planing on a good win, because I moved 1500 troops to that zone. When they had 1024, but they must have a slightly better rating then we do. But I give it to us, we tried. That was my attempt to get back that part of Austria-Hungary. Now thinking back, it was not very smart idea on my part. Italy cannot relay on France anymore, because Germany took over Belgium and in the process of that, Germany also took over France. Leaving them with very low supplies and not many options. I’m not sure what is the better idea, leave France behind or help them take back control. Conflict is rising with Russia and the  Central Powers, as Russia tried to take the rest over the Ottoman Empire and failed. Now Germany is really out for them. Italy has future plans with Serbia to move into to lower part of Austria-Hungary and take that over, or at least attempt to. This may be difficult to pull off since they have a large surrounding force, but hopefully they move some of those troops out with the next coming year, then it will be more likely to work in my favor.

– Side note – News has come that the Lusitania has been sunk. Not sure how this will effect the the next few years.

Italy 3 1916

This is the perfect time to try and take over Austria-Hungary’s parts for Italy. Austria just tried to attack the northern part of Italy, we maintained our land, but not by much. I as president have been able to maintain the original Italy. This will go towards one of my many objectives I have to maintain. There are only a few things left to do. Things are starting to get tricky with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

– Italy and Serbia just took Trieste form Austria, not by much however. We may lose it again, since we don’t have the troops there to back the land up. Germany tried to take back Trieste and lost, again not by much.  This means that Italy just gained back some of their land, now we just need Tyrol. Italy has already made a good attempt to try and get this back already. But if we are able, we will try again.

Italy 3 1917

Russia and Great Britain just tried to help France get their lands back. Russia and Great Britain took out a number of Germany’s forces, however not enough to win. So France still hasn’t got their land back. Unfortunately Germany and Austria just moved in a total of around 2000 troops into Italy to my 1400 and some. My mistake as president, I should have thought this through more, was moving my 22 troops I had left in Trieste, back into the capital of Italy. That was definitely a wrong move, because now Italy has zero troops. If I would have left them, then maybe someone would have come and taken Italy back, I could have troops left to put back in there and then I would have gotten more back to defend with.

– Clearly there was no way for me to win this war, especially since Germany brought in their troops. I was a sitting duck. I figured that this would happen sooner or later. Just wish it hadn’t. I can definitely say I tried to maintain a our original Italy, it even cost me all my troops. So this definitely wasn’t a lack of trying. I at least tried to complete all of the tasks assigned to me. Italy doesn’t have a lot more that they can do. 

Italy 3 1918

Italy is not fully out of the game, but still not in the game by much. Although, I don’t think that anyone is going to bring us back. Well the United States just helped take back the capital of France for them. This is the last day of the war and no one is willing to help bring back Italy. No one is really able to bring it back either. Germany/Austria-Hungary (Central powers) just barely won the WWI. Italy still has a tiny army and all the navy that they started with. Italy was able to maintain its original territory up until 1917. We were also able to at least attempt to get all of their objectives. The thing that I would have done differently though, to maybe have still been in the fight. I would have not tried to get Tyrol right away in the game, so my troops would have been built up.  Then, when Germany/Austria’s troops were  low, because of all their battles, I could have really gotten Tyrol. Still having a decent amount of troops left to defend with. That is what I should have done. (TM)