World War 2 Simulation

Period 5 Austin Richards Finland 5 1938
Well, by next year Europe will be in another war, another war great war by the looks of it. Finland wants nothing to do with it, we going to stay out of it for as long as we can. I feel confident in my army, we may be small but we are strong. I am talking to Germany about gaining supplies and hopefully getting them to send soldiers to help defend us if worse comes to worse. I am very worried about the USSR and I know Germany would like to be able to attack the USSR from where Finland is, if they decide to go to war with the USSR. I have made a secret alliance with Germany, so if thing get bad Germany will hopefully be able to help me.

Period 5 Austin Richards China 5 1938
We are not in a good position, Japan’s armies have already taken large portions of our territory. They are definitely the better trained army, I cannot afford to attack right away I will be crushed. I am going to build up an alliance with Great Britain and hopefully they will send some of their colonial troops to help defend me and build up a defense. I am holding out until there forces ware down or are spread too thin, then GBC and I will strike. I am also talking to my allies the US to help me with supplies. I hope they join the war, I could use some assistance from their armies, and they are my allies, but they are stuck on being isolated.

Finland 5 1939
The USSR are building up troops by my border, I know they are planning on invading soon. What can I do? We will probably lose this battle without outside help. The Allies will not help me and Germany did not have time to send troops to assist me before their ships were destroyed, so I have nothing else I can do. I can’t gain anymore troops. I will have to wait and pray that the resources I gained from Germany will make my army better enough to take on the force of the USSR. Finland has done nothing to provoke an attack, I have talked with the leader of the USSR and tried to tell them I want nothing to do with the war, but it is clear they do not want to talk with me and have made up their mind on invading. I could attack first, but I get the feeling the allies to my West also want to attack me, so I am in a bad position either way.

China 5 1939
We have done very well in defending the Japanese attacks. We have not lost anymore land, and Great Britain’s colonial troops are willing to help me, we held off an attack. We suffered some loses, but a win is a win. I have talked with the Japanese leader and he told me he only wants to take over part of my land to make a passage to the Dutch East Indies, he will not attack anymore after that. I do not know if that is true, but for now I am at least acting like I am trusting him. That doesn’t mean I am giving up that land without a fight.

Finland 5 1940
I was ill today so command of my forces went to someone else. Sadly I see we lost Finland to the USSR. They attack for no reason, I tried to stay peaceful never did I provoke an attack, sadly I was not there to stop the attack, I was just too ill. I had a plan that I would attack with a small force, stopping them from attacking me, but I was gone so I could not do that. It looks we didn’t go without a fight though!  They attacked with 1500 troops against out 250, they were left with 250 in the end. Not too bad. But it doesn’t change the fact that we lost and the USSR now control out land.

China 5 1940
I was ill today so command of my forces went to someone else. It looks like they did not do too bad of a job defending. We lost only SC China, I expected larger losses. I assume Japan was nice and did not want to take advantage of the fact that I was gone.  I am trying to hold them back long enough that GB will maybe send more troops or the US enters the war. I could use their help and I still need more resources. I have secured oil, but hopefully I will be able to get more resources from them. Or maybe Great Britain or USSR will be able to send some supplies too? I hope.

Finland 5 1941
Still out of command, not really much to talk about.

China 5 1941
We are still holding strong. We have yet to lose any territory, I think China is getting ready for an attack on the U.S., which is good, then some of the attention will be turned away from me hopefully, and attention can go to the U.S. Hopefully USSR enters the war soon too, they can easily charge through the Japanese forces hopefully.

Finland 5 1942
Nope, USSR still controls Finland, and Germany has no way of getting up here either. So still out of the war.

China 5 1942
Well we have lost NC China, but we put up a fight. Japan also attack the U.S. navy, but also lost a large part of their army. I think Japan is trying to charge through us and take over as much as they can before the U.S. lands on Japan and takes, leaving them to worry about that. If USSR joins they are even more done. You can see they are running thiner and thiner on forces, and soon they will fall. I fear that we will fall before they do though. I had also made a secret alliance with Japan, if I attack USSR and get them to join the Axis, Japan will not attack me. I have also been allowed to join the Axis after I do this.

Finland 5 1943
Still taken over by the USSR. Germany is saying they are planning to move up and liberate Finland though!

China 5 1943

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