Russia 7 1913

What a time it has been in Russia.. Since the people in Serbia killed the Archduke, Tensions have started to rise between them in Austria-Hungary. Hostility is in the air, and people are choosing sides! So far, Russia has a strong alliance with France, Great Britain, and of course Serbia(, like we always have(along with some small territories aside). Austria has so far gained Germany, and the Ottoman Empire on their side. Some countries have also decided to stay neutral, which you can’t blame them for in such a critical choice-making time! The United States, Italy, Ramania, Bulgaria, Portugal, and small surrounding areas have decided to keep themselves neutral. I hope they will be willing to help if we need them! I can negotiate… 

Russia 7 1914

The time is coming.. So we are preparing. Moving troops is the most important thing for us to do right now, because for some reason, all of my men are as far away from where they need to be! Although our rating is low, I believe we have the numbers to fight if we need to . Anything to be prepared. The Central Alliance–what we’re calling the “enemiesâ€â€“may have power, but do they have what it takes to overcome the Allies? Our troop numbers are larger, Great Britain’s Navy, impeccable! I believe we have the ability to succeed! Oh! We have also decided to Ally with Japan. Although we fought in the past, I can guarantee them safety in exchange for some help. They have a small number of Naval ships in the near seas, and any amount we can gain on our side is important. The more, the better! 

Russia 7 1915

It’s a tough time for decisions in Europe today. We sadly lost over a thousand troops in a battle to the Central Powers. Their army is too strongly rated for us to overcome even with such great numbers. We need our Allies to move closer. The central powers have moved across the dardanelles strait, and have taken greece! We tried to get there as fast as we could, but our distance from them is no use. Italy is now on our side too, so I’m wondering… when we asked them to ship troops over the mediterranean with Great Britain’s help, why was there no response? When you pick a side, you have to act on those choices… Right? Hopefully with Great Britain and France being so willing, we can gain back what’s been stolen, and overcome the Central Alliance! The plans for next time? Take what we have in our south regions and fight the ottoman empire from behind, it’s the soonest we can get to the straight, and soon we will have romania on our side too. I need to defend our front with Austria as well. It’s going to be a busy one! 

Russia 7 1916

It’s a very bad year for Russia and the entire group of allies. Our army is the weakest we have ever been, because we can’t get our supplies through the strait. We need that strait! The straight is the most important thing Russia needs. Our army ratings are zero. I’m coming to the realization that we definitely need our allies more than we need them. Those Central Powers are something vicious! It seems that nobody in our Alliance was being an offensive fighter either. None of this feels right, our allies need to get down to those small countries, Serbia and Romania, before they’re taken right out from under us. They are key components in this fight for power! The German Army seems to be getting stronger by the minute, and with Austria-Hungary’s numbers, and the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria, they are taking us down much too easily. Let’s put an end to this!

Russia 7 1917

We are being attacked from the southeast. Ottoman empire is battling my southern region(R4) because they know we are weak. It seems no matter how many men I put into battle, I will lose every time. How humiliating I must look to my people, and my Allies! The Ottoman empire took R4 and Austria-Hungary and Germany took R2. The only region we have left is R1, and with our ratings compared to theirs, it’s not looking too swell from the Russian army next year. Our Allies are nowhere near able to help, but we now have the help of the United States! Although I can’t do much physically, I will help my allie’s armies in the west, near Belgium, as much as I can. We can really get something done for us over there if we’re careful! Russia may be devastated and doomed, however this fight for the Allies together, is not over yet. 

Russia 7 1918

Sadly, Russia is gone. The Central Powers are making some moves, and The rest of our allies are moving heavily into and around the Belgium area. Libya is gone as well, we would have sent troops down to help them, but we couldn’t make it through the Strait. Why do I feel like our whole entire collapse as an Empire had something to do with that darned Strait?! Sadly, we have fallen in our massive battle in Germany, and it is a sad, sad year for the Allies. We put up a fight, and made a huge impact on technology and army inventions while fighting. Lives were lost, and egos were broken. We will rise again!

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