World War II Simulation

Norway 4 1938

As a whole we are a small country because we have very little supplies and no military that has been heard of. We are located near the baltic sea and that is very valuable to the countries that want to try and receive it. As a country we are going to try and remain neutral and keep the territory for ourselves. I am not sure how well that is going to go because we have nothing to offer anyone. So we will see how this plays out!

Sweden 4 1938

We have a lot of resources such as iron ore, that is equal to 18! As a whole country we don’t want to go to war with anyone so we try and stay as a pacifist. We know that Germany wants our iron ore so we are prepared to give them what they wan to avoid any destruction they could do to us. We also know that the USSR could harm as well, so right now we are thinking about an alliance but not for sure. We have also came to the conclusion that if Germany would need to move troops through, we would allow that.

Norway 4 1939

Tensions are very high between Norway and Germany. There has been a lot of talk that they are coming for us and we are terrified! We barely have an army to defend ourselves and we must remain neutral so we will stick to ourselves.  The moment came and Germany defeated us. No one would come to our side to help defend our land. So we will see what comes in the future for our beloved country.

Sweden 4 1939

To help avoid war at any cost, we have aligned with a few of the bigger countries. Even supplying some resources to our new alliances. We have joined the axis power because we aligned with Germany who was apart so we decided to join as well. We have been told that we should be scared of the USSR, but we decided to be nice with them for now.We wanted to keep peace so we sent 5 iron ore to Germany in hopes they would not bring up war or any conflict. As of right now we would just want to keep the peace.

Norway 4 1940

As of today we have realized that we stand no chance between anyone so we will continue to stick to ourselves. We now have 308 German troops in our land, so we have to keep peace with Germany.  We aren’t fond of alliances, yet we still have to be friendly because they simply can demolish our country if we don’t play by their rules.

Sweden 4 1940

We are continuing being apart of the axis power in hopes of avoiding war.  I have mentioned before that we known to be scared of the USSR but after consideration we made a deal with them and formed an alliance.  The deal was to send them some natural resources since we have so many. So we ended up giving them 6 iron ore, in hopes to get on their good side. While talking more with Germany we have established if anything goes wrong here they will defend us.  

Norway 4 1941

As the axis power progress through out the country, we noticed Great Britain, which was an allied power. We weren’t sure what their plans were but we started to be cautious of them in case they used us to get to the USSR. We didn’t really talk to anyone only because I know they couldn’t have done it because of the North Sea and having Norway right behind us. Including if they took troops of of Great Britain then Germany would come in and take over. So we will see what happens!

Sweden 4 1941

We are continuously watching and listening to other countries in hope we don’t have to end up going to war. Germany has continuously moved troops around the map, making me wonder what they have in store for war. As of right now we trying to stick with only two alliances in the Axis powers because a couple of countries have switched sides giving secret details!

Norway 4 1942

While the war is going on, we have set ourselves away from it and done our own thing. Great Britain hasn’t attacked nor do I think they will because they are focused on keeping their land safe. We are surrounded by German troops still, so as of right now I don’t think anyone is coming. The axis power has mainly focused on taking over China and the Netherlands. 

Sweden 4 1942

This is very long and stressful war at this point in time. The axis powers have still been taking over countries, winning almost every battle they have had. No other country has came for our natural resource, iron ore, and we couldn’t be happier. As of right now we are listening in depth to our alliances’ plans and standing by watching the war go on. 

Norway 4 1943

The war has still been going on while we just watched everything happen. We keep to ourselves and have to obey Germany, but they don’t have anything planned out so we just sit and wait. The axis powers have pushed forward to get ahold of Iraq, Arabia, and Egypt. So they are definitely expanding all over the globe in hopes of taking it all. Yet Great Britain,United States, and Canada, etc are still part of the Allied powers.

Sweden 4 1943

Our country has been informed that Finland may come and attack us. Germany told us this information and was talking about moving troops in to help us. They told us they would send about 100 in, but at this point they wouldn’t know for sure because it was just a rumor and nothing more. We are thinking this is rumor because we are aligned with some of the more stronger countries and they would have to go through the baltic sea to get to us. 

Norway 4 1944

With Germany already taken over us, and their alliance with Sweden we had to go along with their plans. As of right now we have 308 troops in our land. There was talk of Finland wanting to attack Sweden, so with Germany wanting to protect their alliance. They eventually moved 100 troops in Sweden. This was a little risky for us as a country because if we got attacked we would most likely end up loosing if Germany wasn’t able to send even more troops in. Yet if any other country would attack I think Germany would send more troops in.

Sweden 4 1944

A year after talking with Germany about Finland possibly attacking us, they had come to their conclusion. They were going to move 100 troops out of Norway and put them here in Sweden. They weren’t too concerned about the number of troops they put in because they said they were a powerful military. Around the time the year was ending they never attacked, but we felt secured enough to not worry about them attacking again. While in fear of attack we continued to watch the surrounding countries all fall in the hands of the axis powers.

Norway 4 1945

War was reaching an ending point and we continued to have German troops in our land. No one expect for Germany came for us, I think because we had the North Sea in front of us. In the end we tried to remain neutral but with Germany attacking and over taking us, we ended up being apart of the axis powers. After all that happened we stayed to ourselves and no one wanted anything to do with us.

Sweden 4 1945

The war was finally coming to an end and we managed to stay away from all of it. No one, expect Germany, wanted anything from us. There was a lot of talk about people wanting to conquer the Baltic Sea, but I think people stayed away because the USSR could attack at any moment. Eventually the USSR put around 20 navy ships in the area, giving us even more comfort knowing that no one would come for us. (TM)