World War I Simulation

Great Britain 5 1913

We have been hearing a war coming soon and it is now time to prepare. We are part of what is called the Allied Forces and we are to defend ourselves from the Central Powers. Our plan to do so is to get as many of the neutral countries as possible in order to isolate the Ottoman Empire. If we were to get Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece, then we would have just cut off the Ottoman Empire from the rest of the Central Forces. By doing so, it will be a easier to take over the Ottoman Empire.

Great Britain 5 1914

A lot has happened so far this year and we expect more to come. Archduke from Austria-Hungary was killed and this is going to start a war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary. One major thing that has happened is that Russia and Serbia attacked Bulgaria hoping to take over that territory. We honestly think that Russia is doing everything they can to take that peninsula that Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire have.

As for strategy, we know that our navy is very strong and we feel if  we can take out everyone else’s navy, our land will be safe. Our navy is very strong and large, so by taking out everyone else’s navy, it will make it harder for another country to raid us.

Great Britain 5 1915

There has been a lot more war going on and Germany has taken over part of Russia. We weren’t able to help and defend Russia and we felt pretty bad. Russia is one of our closest allies and we weren’t able to help support them throughout. Russia is one ally that we don’t want to make mad because they are very powerful. Germany is really starting to stir the pot because they sunk the Lusitania. This ship had many citizens of ours. We know that our troops and our navy are stronger than Russia’s, but they have more numbers. Yeah, we can take out their navy, so then we’re safe, but they can help us get what we need to get done.

Great Britain 5 1916

One major thing we know is that Russia helped us weaken the strait. We sent quite a few troops to the Ottoman Empire to take over the strait but failed. The one good thing that came from that though is that we were able to weaken the Ottoman Empire greatly. The Ottoman Empire now only has roughly 300 troops. After the next turn, we might be able to take the Ottoman Empire. If we can take this, it will help strengthen Russia back up. Every year that we don’t have the strait, we aren’t able to get supplies to Russia. Over time, this will make Russia very weak, and we can’t let that happen.

Great Britain 5 1917

This year has been a rough year for the allies but we hope to bounce back. We lost a lot of territory this year as the German troops are so much stronger than us. We did gain the United States and their troops are great at helping. The only problem is the Germans army is so much bigger. They took over Belgium even though we had over 1000 troops to try to keep neutrality. France also had over 1500 troops in their to try to help. When the Germans went to try and take it, we, Great Britain, sent another 500 or so troops to try to keep Belgium but it didn’t work. This was the biggest battle of the game. Roughly 10,000 troops were fighting in this battle. Once Germany had Belgium, they sent many troops to F1 of France and took their capital. After this it was a stand still for quite some time until we were able to think of a plan. Our plan for next year is to try and take that back. France is a huge ally of ours and if we can’t have them, then they can’t either.

Another thing we need to do is attack the Ottoman Empire again because we need the Dardanelles Strait.

Great Britain 5 1918

Many people thought we were really dumb by doing what we did this year. We combined all of our navy and sent a lot of troops down to French North Africa. Another thing that happened is that Greece took back Serbia. Right after they did this though, Austria-Hungary decided they wanted to take back Serbia, so they did. While doing this, we allowed the United States and France to send some of my troops to France to take back their capital. Right after we did this, Austria-Hungary tried to take the capital of Italy, but resent all of my troops there to protect the capital. We then realized that our plan was going to work and we sent all of our remaining troops to the Ottoman Empire and took the Dardanelles Strait. This was one of our big objectives that we were able to accomplish. By accomplishing this, we strengthened Russia back to where they needed to be. We knew right away by sending as many troops as we did, we could take the strait. We sent over double the troops the Ottoman Empire would have been able to supply. Granted they took quite a few, we still remained victorious. In all, this year was great for the Allied Powers. (TM)