Nuclear War Simulation

Orientation- Pre War


The NATO and the Warsaw Pact both have very dangerous nuclear missiles that could be sent across continents. Today we have established which group we are defending and how we are going to go about it. Being Belgium, I am apart of the NATO and will do everything in my power to defend my allies. I will also try my best to avoid an outside countries. Knowing that we both have many missiles that can be launched, we need to be prepared and ready for anything that come our way. We only have a limited time to respond to these launches and we need to have a plan ready. Talking as a group and forming a plan for attacks will help keep us safe and successful. 

Day 1


Today was a big day for Nato. There is so much more to come, but we are staying powerful and doing everything we can to defend. We are prepared for the war that is soon to come after the Warsaw Pact went to defcon one at the end today. We aren’t going to let this determine our fate though, we too have powerful nukes that will knock them out. The Nato countries working together is a stronger force then one might think. We have taken Cuba and successfully saved turkey from being taken. The Warsaw Pact was about to take it, but we decided to use our tactical nukes and successfully defended. I feel as though they need to rethink some of their decisions because we can just as easily send nukes their way as well. As Belgium, I know I will do everything in my power to defend, and not let manipulation sway me otherwise.  Defcon one, we’re ready for you. 

Day 2 


Oh my, this day was a big one. Well, Belgium a lot with other of my fellow NATO Allies are goners. We were bombed by the Soviet Union and the result of the blast killed everyone in my country. I don’t even know how I’m writing this right now because everything is completely destroyed, but here we are. We started the day with a victory in Turkey and the BAM! Nukes were being sent all over the world. Unfortunately, we were not able to respond in time so the everything went up in flames and the United States was hit in multiple places. Now, everyone is taking shelter to avoid the affects of radiation, but as we all know,  many still won’t survive. Overall, these three days escalated quickly and the world is finally at peace…everyone is dead. (TM)