Second World War Simulation

USSR 3 1938:  

Just getting started today was the first day we got to start the simulation. Looking in our notebooks, there was pretty good information that we could build up to gather our plan for the upcoming days. The top secret page was filled of juicy explanations and information based on out country and what who we need to Ally with. Our army is vastly improved from the defeats of World War 1. Talking to my team member, we want most of our objects to be successful so our country doesn’t get invaded by other countries and we want our country to be strong. 

USSR 3 1939:

The day today was hard for Poland and the Netherlands because they were attacked so hard. The axis power have been winning and taking over a lot this year. Great Britain was thinking about taking over Norway and to get America to ally with us.

USSR 3 1940:

Today we made a plan and we wanted it to follow through and yet out plan slowly failed. We were the first people to start the war today and we sent 700 troops to Finland and Finland has a good rate for Army. In the end Finland won the war and was left with 5 troops left. Our new plan is to get the resources we need and asking other countries for help. France gave us Iron Ore, we are asking around for rubber, oil, and other resources. We are moving troops so nobody attacks our troops and we want to move out ships. For tomorrow we are making a plan of attacking Finland.

USSR 3 1941:

The heat was on today between so many countries. I could tell on peoples faces that presidents were getting mad at other countries. When it was our turn, we wanted to send troops to other countries we had to keep those countries safe. We wanted to find more resources to keep out country safe and strong. The most thing we were looking for was rubber, all of our other resources we have a good amount on. The allies wanted us to join them so we don’t lose our country.The axis wanted us to join them too because they wanted us to help them attack the allies.  Thinking long and hard about who to join, we decided to join the allies so we can keep up with our objectives. Looking at our country, we were looking at Finland, they had 5 troops left, and we wanted to attack Finland. We went 300 troops and left with 289 troops. (lost 11). The last thing we did was attack Japan and we won. Today was just so stressful knowing what to do and when to attack. The hardest part was knowing who to side with today. 

USSR 3 1942:

The battle today was a strong one Everyone on the Allies side was staying strong and wanted to take over as many countries as they can. Japan was on the USSR all day today. They just wouldn’t stop wanting to attack us. The allies were attacking more than one at one time and everyone had smart ideas on who to attack. It was up to the presidents to decide if they wanted to attack. Great Britain, France, USSR attack Belgium. After the attack, Belgium had 2000 troops in the country and Great Britain, France, and USSR lost there troops to Belgium. 

USSR 3 1943:

Right away today Japan attacked Eastern USSR with 1145, and lost there troops. In the end the USSR won the battle and still have troops there to keep it safe. Everyone was trying to use their boats to  protect there country and keep there troops safe. Poland wanted us to help them get there country back, we wanted the Russians to close in. First the USA wanted to send troops so were more likely to win the battle. Today we attacked Rumania, for our objectives, we sent 300 troops and Rumanian has 200 troops. In the end we lost because they sent troops over. After the battle, we moved troops to protect the rest out country. Italy came to the allied side so we can keep them safe and help them, Italy was attacking, and making a pact with the allies. We have another country joining the allies which are, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania. The allied attacked Belgium and won the war. Allied country’s attacked Rumania, and lost and theres 5 troops left in Rumania for someone to attack again. 

USSR 3 1944:

The battle today was laid back at first. The allies were in movement and trying to keep as many troops in each country. Movement today was just all over, everyone was moving troops. The US, got 3000 more troops and 200 more boats for the war. The allies wanted to get Poland back to get them back in power, we didn’t want to bring back Poland because we think we wouldn’t win the battle. US, Great Britain, was taking over the Netherlands to get them back in power. USSR is going to get Poland back because germanys army gets lower each day. The allies were attacking Germany, and Germany didn’t want to do anything, and in the end we invaded Germany. We have a plan to get Poland back with all the alli troops we have. The allies planned on attacking Poland today, Japan didn’t like the idea of the allies taking Poland, so they send troops into Poland to make sure they don’t lose Poland. 

USSR3 1945:

The last day was the day for everyone to release all the anger they had in them. The allies had the first move today and most everyone on the allied side was moving troops so in the end we would be safer and have more power over each other. Germany was attacking Ukraine with 2300 troops and we sent troops with everything we had to keep our country. Germany was victorious with the war of Ukraine. The Allied troops wanted to get Ukraine back to keep it on the Allied side. Italy was attacking Lithuania and Yugoslavia. Great Britain was attacking Slovakia with 950 troops. The US was sending troops in to make sure the allies were successful. The allies got Poland back and were making sure that we can keep it to our side and not lose it again. We were attacking Ukraine with 101 and Germany had 15 troops in the country. In the end, We finally took over Ukraine and Slovakia. Italy is attacking Greece with 198 and the allied powers were victorious. Japan is attacking Siberia with 185 troops and we sent 100 extra troops and we won. Japan is sending Siberia again with 200 troops, Great Britain sent 99 troops with everyone defending and in the end once again Allied powers won the war. The allied war was the most important thing right now because everyone on the allied side was moving troops and protecting each other. Japan wanted us to send troops into NW china, which was not the best idea. Japan wanted to do everything in its mind to win the battle. We are attacking Rumaina with 68 troops and once again we won. We wanted to attack as more as we can, to win the final battle. During all of this, soldiers died, some were even missing, never to be heard from again by their families, it was incredibly tough. At the end of this simulation, you could talk about how nowadays, distant relatives of these soldiers can now search an online census from Genealogy Bank to find out what happened and if they survived the war. (TM)