World War 2 Activities

France 3 1938

The year of 1938 are men and troops are gearing up to be ready if we get attacked. The orientation of are men and troop are ready to fight for whatever comes are way. The plans are took wait and get more troops figured out and start to be buddy buddy with other countries. In order for us to get are resources we need to survive. We have to partner with other countries. We need to make friends with them and in the long run take over there country. They won’t see it coming at all 

France 3 1939

Today marks a unsuccessful day for some people are friend Poland got hammered. Poland and the Netherlands. Germany slaughtered Polands army. It wasn’t pretty nobody could help them out in anyway possible. Japan has the greatest army of them all decided to go and concur the Netherlands. France tried to help them but, it was to late to reinforce are army over. My army came up with a plan on taking Libya the simple fact for taking Libya is we can have the whole outer part of the area cleared with Allied powers. Since no one can come and get use were moving our armies to different bases in France. Are army isn’t attacking just yet we are waiting for the perfect timing to release are men and canons on them. 

France 3 1940

Another year has gone by, people are dieing left and right.  The united states saw that we needed their help. We begged them to join us in fighting the the Axis power countries. After all the begging and pleading they join the Allied powers. Now that we have their help we can get the resources we need for are country. We can now help are troops with bigger and better weapons along the way. This war is getting to be a blood battle. 

France 3 1941 

The year it all began when the biggest neutral territory picks a side. The year that they decide which group they should pick. The allies or the Axis powers. The USSR decides to come to the Allied powers side after Germany double crosses him. Germany didn’t like that so they said “ We’re coming for you now France†France is like alright we got you. France had Great Britain and the United States join the battle against Germany. The 3,500 troops we combined Germany was certain that they were going to succeed. They failed miserable there whole entire army went away. Them talking smack didn’t really help them much either. The game plan is to take back Belgium and then go for a couple spots of Germany. The USA, Great Britain and France are teaming up together to fight the big guys. They better watch out before things shake up a bit more and they loose all their troops. Its bond to happen sooner or later. 

France 3 1942

Great Britain, France and the USA decided to go on and attack Belgium. Great Britain was suppose to defend but their army wasn’t strong enough. They also couldn’t help at the time because of there resources. The Netherlands or Poland decided to help out and fight on see with, Great Britain, France, and USA. We fought against Germany. Germany is just so grateful that they survived their fight and still have Belgium. As that was going on we talked with the USSR and they wanted to get revenge on Japan. Japan decided to threaten the USSR. As we all know the USSR allied with the Allied Powers. All of us talked together and decided to help with what he needed. We back each other up. If Japan tries to attack the USSR the United States would come in and help. Right now Great Britain, France and the USA are going to do another attempt at Belgium in battle and see if we can knock down there army some more for when they loose all there soldiers. 

Frane 1943

Today the war continued. Great Britain, The United States and France decided to go and talk to Italy. They wanted Italy to join the Allies because we needed them to help us fight Germany. The German Army is getting super low on troops. It helps that last time we fought Germany to get back Belgium. We took most of their troops away. Now it was are turn to show them who’s boss. We had the leaders of Great Britain, France, and the United States talk to the leader of Italy. After bothering them and bribing they finally wanted to come across to the other side. There going to help us take out Germany. Germany doesn’t have much troops. While we dealt with that the USSR decided to attack Japan or more than less, Japan attacked the USSR. USSR succeeded in keeping there land back. The attack on Germany is coming we got Italy, Great Britain, France and the United States are going at it and then everything else is just going to be gold and the Allies will finally win this once and for all. 

France 1944

The big attacked finally happened. Great Britain, United States and France made the big move everyone was waiting for. Germany was finally taken over with the biggest help of the United States. Germany is done they are gone for good. With everyones help we can get Poland back into action. After the attack on Germany we are like tanks that can’t stop. Moving are troops further and further down the road. We are going to victories here soon. Everyone will bow down to the Allies for a once in life time opportunity!

France 1945

The Allies were victories! The germans didn’t stand a chance against the USA, Great Britain, and France dominated the germans. Germany kept trying to retreat and go else where so the 3 of us wouldn’t get revenge on them for taking so many of are troops. They decided they wanted to go and try to invade the USSR. The USSR wasn’t going to have they they fought there hardest and made some mistakes at mints in time. The 3 of us finally caught up to them and destroyed there army once and for all. The germans were gone and almost everybody joined the Allies. Japan didn’t do much either they tried to get through and the USSR stopped them as well. Germany was furious because they didn’t have anyone left but it sucks to suck I guess. The Allies celebrated there victories and got justice for all once again! (TM)