WWII Lesson Plan

Poland 3 1938

Being stuck between Germany and the USSR is not ideal when we are having territorial claims on our land by both strong countries. We will rely on the help of our friends France and Great Britain to keep the greedy powers away from our country. We need to start to gaining natural resources and make defensive alliances quickly. If I can get France and Great Britain to defend us and publicly guarantee our borders, we will be set for business. 

Netherlands 3 1938

Staying at peace has been so far so good, no tragedies, wars, treats, just our people living peacefully and calm. But as of late the German Armed Forces have been building and it worries my people at their hearts. If Germany does tries to go to war with my country will have to surrender because we will stand no chance. What also is worrying them and I, myself is that fact that Japan’s aggression in Asia is close to our dear Dutch East Indies. I need to form defensive alliances to better protect my country. Time to see what the Western Nations are able to do for us. We need to secure alliances by helping them in the pacific. Maybe I should try to give them some rubber, since we have more than enough. We just need to stay Neutral and out of the way. 

Poland 3 1939 

Today the plan was to strategize and try and gain more resources. But soon in 1939 we were taken over in P1 by the Axis powers and tried to save our land but we used all of our troops and still were defeated. We are still Allied with the Allied powers as of now and are looking to regain our lost territory. Poland is trying to regain out land so our Allies can protect our borders and we can retain what we have lost. We need to start gaining materials as well but first priority it to regain our land. 

Netherlands 3 1939

The Netherlands today was full of defeat. We lost out territory and the including the Dutch East Indies. We are still remaining neutral but with the Allies because we were invaded and needed to fleeing to Great Britain.  Right now we are waiting to see our next move and will discuss our plans to regain territory. We were nervous going into the war because our country has been at peace and our worst nightmares have happened, but we will be back. 

Poland 3 1940 

Today was a slow day at the office for Poland. We are waiting for our Allies to help and regain our territory lost to the Axis. Still negotiating with our Allies it is a waiting point at this point because we need to strategize through the North and Baltic Sea to get out country back! We are not worried about the USSR above us taking anything so as long as we can take back our country in hopes Great Britain and France will protect our borders and we will be back and strong again! Our navy is still strong so we are looking to take out the Nazi’s ships in the Baltic Sea so they can’t transfer troops over anymore. For now we are holding strong but big moves are coming in the future! 

Netherlands 3 1940

The territory lost was devastating for our country. But we still have high hopes because our neutral countries are looking to support us in future war. If we could regain back our country the people who helped us would get tremendous help because of the resources we could give back to them in huge sums or natural resources. As soon as the time is right we will try and take back the Netherlands first and regain all of our resources and then move on to take back the Dutch East Indies. The near future holds big things for the Netherlands and DEI and the heads are held high in coming times! 

Poland 3 1941 

It started with the USSR movement today and soviet union taking over Lithuania which is moving closer to Poland. We are trying to discuss with the USSR, GB, and France to take back over Poland so we can regain resources and help the other militaries. In the world news Japan has multiple attacks starting with Australia and moving on too Northwest China, Tibet, India, and Thailand. The Axis powers are making there presence known and taking over country by country. But in recent rumors we have heard Germany is beginning to lose power and we can start to make our move with gaining out land back and moving into Germany. As soon as we can regain our territory we will invade the Axis Powers and in high hopes start making our presence known with the Allied Powers. But in HUGE news today the USSR joined the allies which mean the countries surrounding me are now on my side which is amazing because we can easily take over Poland with the power of their army. This is a great thing happening because the soviet unions power is amazing and we are very excited to see what is going to happen in the near future! 

Netherlands 3 1941

Lots of wars are going on around the Netherlands territory. Japan has launched multiple attacks and is taking over names. But if we can possibly regain our land the resources we would gain could help our allied armies start to recover and begin to attack other lands because Japans troops are so spread out trying to defend all the land they are taking over. We are using our 50 boats in the Indian Ocean to take Japans boats so they cannot move any troops and we will control the waters. This is a huge sea battle and if successful we will control the navy. Unfortunately we lost the Naval battle to Japan because the had a defending bonus on top of their already high rated army. With the defeat we still have boats in the Indian Ocean so we can defend if needed. As of now our plan is to still take over the sea and move troops back into the Netherlands. The Germans have little troops in our territory and we are looking to attack tomorrow! 

Poland 3 1942

It started today with the Axis movement and not much happened. The United States our Allie today gained naval power with 200 more ships and over 2000 more troops because of the draft happening in America. The USSR is making movement towards Poland to try and regain P2 of Poland and we can start moving west towards Germany and France can start moving East so that we can take over the axis power and show Germany how strong we are! Wars are still happening around our country because Germany just took over Lithuania from the Soviet Union because we decided not to put up a fight and let the little territory go. After that we have decided with the regained power, GB and France are attacking the Italian Navy. We are doing this so that France cannot move anymore troops into Italy and they will be forced to spread out their troops and be easier to attack.  We won the sea battle and took out their navy and we still have plenty of ships left. Our next move is to hopefully defend Germany attack from P2 because they have moved lots of troops their and right now the USSR needs to defend that and after the victory we will start attacking back Poland because the Germans will be weak. As soon as this happens we can start to regain our military and navy and take over the Germans. But for now we are waiting for our allies and most importantly the USSR helping us to take back Poland!

Netherlands 3 1942

The hopes are not high for the Netherlands because the territory surrounding us is all taken over by and Axis and is not looking great for the land regain movement. Really not much is going on in the Netherlands because of it all being taken over by the Axis powers so right now we are just playing the wait game because we are focused on getting our navy set so we can move troops back into the Dutch East Indies so we can take over. We don’t think this will be a very difficult war as long as we get our ships in place and can move troops into the Indian and Philippine Sea. We re trying to currently regain the Netherlands with GB, France, and the United States attacking our country to get our land back lost to Germany. As soon as we take it back we are going to create a pinch effect so the Germans can’t do anything. We ran out of time today for this to happen but as soon as tomorrow comes around we are attacking the North Sea and taking the Netherlands back!

Poland 3 1943

Today starts with the Axis powers war. Today Japan decided to attack the Eastern USSR with 1145 troops and have decided to defend the territory with 1206 of our troops and we were victorious! The soviets plan of defending has been working great and is sitting very strong to move into Poland. As well Germany tried to attack F1 of France and France was victorious! The Axis powers keep losing troops and we are looking strong because to defend the land they currently have their troops are so spread out and weak we can attack very soon to take back our land. Today the strategy for the Allied powers is to move troops to the soviet land and really focus on movement for future battles because all of our Allies are on board to help get Poland back from the gosh darn Nazi’s. Our Allies today are also trying to create another huge accomplishment by trying to recruit France to join the Allies. If we could get this then we could be able to pinch Germany and really give those damn Nazi’s a piece of our mind. A little slice of heaven came down today as 4000+ troops and Italy joined the Allies! This gives us a much better chance of regaining our land because now Germany has to be worried from all angles and their troops will be so spread out they have no choice and we will be able to regain Poland! Germany has no option but to move troops out of P2 at this point and this a a great day for the country of Poland. It shows that the waiting game is sometime the best game! As well as Italy joining us today Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Bulgaria. What a turn of events happening for the better of our Allies and the future is so bright for us. Within a soon time period we will have our country back and the allies will be as strong as ever!

Netherlands 3 1943

More battles have happened near the Netherlands today but nothing in the better for us. The Nazi’s tried to take over in France but were defeated and now Frances troops are low and our strategy has fallen because they have to have troops so that we can attack and get back the land. All of our allies are focusing on movement today and try and mobilize to get their troops replenished and ready for battle because we don’t think it will be a very hard task to retake the Netherlands but it’s a process that takes time. But on a brighter note today the United States and the Netherlands have made verbal agreements that we are trying to regain the Netherlands and as soon as possible. It should be very hopeful future because within the next year our Allies have set a guarantee we will attack and regain the Netherland and our next focus will be towards the Dutch East-Indies. We have smiles and hopes on our faces and minds because we know that very soon we can finally show the world the power we really have!

Poland 3 1944

It all begins today with movement for the Allied Powers. Our biggest hope for reinstatement Poland is being a big pain in the rear because he doesn’t want to lose troops. But we think we have him convinced because he has plenty of troops and the Allies have taken over so much territory that even if he could lost all of his troops he couldn’t be attacked even if they tried. So as of now we are still discussing with the Soviet Union but they are not wanting to help even when we are Allied. In great news our allies are moving there way into Germany and we can finally take over our country once again. We have waited years for our allies to be ready and we finally think we have the chance to take back our precious land lost early in the war. As soon as we move our troops into position we will have Poland back from Germany. We have successfully pinched the Nazi’s today and is looking like a great battle about to go down in Poland because the allies have a MASSIVE amount of troops headed for the nazis and I don’t think they can defend. The Axis powers at this point are just trying to stall now because they know all they can do at this point is wait and see how much land they lose within the coming years. As soon as the Allied can attack we have over 9000+ troops to attack Poland and surrounding countries with. The allies have really shown their power in this war but we are far from finished! We have minimal time left but we are attacking Poland in the final steps of this war. For today we are only attacking P1 and regain that land first and then we will move on to our final goal to gain P2 and our country will be restored at once. It is amazing this is finally happened and we have regained half our territory with the regain of P1. This is once small step for Poland and a huge step for the Allies and the country!

Netherlands 3 1944

Another slow day at the office, both the Netherlands and the Dutch-East Indies are not seeing much attention as of this point. The United States and Great Britain have a plan to move ships and attack the Netherlands so they can move troops and start to pinch Germany which will also take troops from Germany in Poland and will make our battles much, much easier to win.  We are attacking the Netherlands today! YES FINALLY! Through the gruesome war the allies and the Netherlands have come out VICTORIOUS! We have been waiting for this to happen for years and this is amazing because now we get our resources, army, and navy back at once. We can now secretly help the Allies work towards the pacific and become the rulers of the world! Our only goal or objective at this point would be to regain the Dutch-East Indies but is looking to be very difficult because Japan is occupying all of that territory and would be extremely difficult to do in the amount of years left. 

Poland 3 1945

The war is finally coming to an end. We have now regained P1 of Poland and will take back P2 today with no effort! Our Allies have moved for the final time today towards P2 and we have a sum of 9000+ troops ready for battle near P2 of Poland. Germany tried to defend Ukraine with the troops from P2 and was successful but has very little troops left. Now that they cannot defend P2 we will get our land back we lost early in the war! We can now finally regain all of our land and have our country restored at once. If we had more time in the simulation we would try and gain more land and resources with everything we would gain from Poland. Now we are extremely excited to have our land and resources back, we are very thankful for the our Allies. Now we have regained everything we are just staying still and watching our Allies try and take over the entire world! If we just had one more time we could easily take over the world with a breeze but we don’t think we can move troops fast enough to get all of it. In recap for Poland we are very, very happy the way the simulation ended and are amazing grateful for our allies and specifically Great Britain and France for defending us and our borders after we have now regained our territory. Our Allies are still pushing East to take over Japan and surrounding countries but we the time, and loss of troops we don’t think we can successfully take all of it over. The war has been very interesting but we are glad it has come to an end and we can focus on our country’s restoration from the war in the future. 

Netherlands 3 1945

Nearing the end of the war we have regained our main territory of the Netherlands but have still not been able to get back our Dutch-East Indies as of now. It’s somewhat of a lost cause as of right now because Japan is surrounding it and we will not have enough time to get troops into the region. We are very happy with our victory in the Netherlands and having our land, people, and culture back feels amazing. Our future goals would be to gain more resources and regain the Dutch-East Indies but with the war coming fast to and end we will not have the time or resources to get what we want at this point.  Our future objectives for the Netherlands still remain neutral and try and gain resources in the future. If we keep our navy strong and resources high we could be a very helpful country for the bigger powers of the world. The only thing happening now is lots of action near the Dutch-East Indies because the Soviet Union is still trying to push East and take over Japan and China. We are just sitting back and watching war happen at this point and wishing the ones who helped us the best at war. We couldn’t regain the Dutch-East Indies in the time of the war but we are happy the way the simulation worked out for the Netherlands and are excited for the future of our country!

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