Great Britain 2 1914

Today, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. We aligned with Portugal and Greece. We moved all of our ships from the Atlantic Ocean Zone to the North Sea Zone. We moved troops from Mediteranenon to Agean Sea Zone.

Great Britain 2 1915

We, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, strongly denounce the Ottoman Empire because they are commiting genocide on the Armenian people. In 1914, the Ottoman religious authorities declared holy war on all Christian people, but on April 24th of this year, the government rounded up and executed hundreds of Armenian thinkers. Then, ordinary Armenians– no different than you and our families– have been evicted from their homes and forced to march through the deserts. We, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, ask for the world’s aid in liberating the Armenians from their Ottoman oppressors. Now, in such times of struggle, it is more important than ever for us to unite against one common enemy: that is, the persecution and subjugation of different cultures. I propose a temporary truce between the Allies and the great nations of Austria-Hungary and Germany in order to focus on stopping this menace. Additionally, Great Britain requests aid in the form of troops, ships, and supplies of Italy, the United States, Romania, Japan, Belgium, and Bulgaria. By not taking action against the mass murder of people now, we are setting a dangerous precendent that will threaten our own ideals of freedom, justice, and the right to govern ourselves in the decades to come. If we do not stop this genocide in its tracks, any of our great nations can become both victim and perputrator. Join Great Britain in the fight for Freedom, for Armnenians and the World!

The Italians have joined the Allies. Germany invaded France. Germany lost which hopefully keeps them from attacking again. Bulgaria mobilized. Romania and the Allies have joined together. Russia attempted to attack the ottoman empire but wasn’t successful.

Great Britain 2 1916

Today Romania joined the Allies. We moved Great Britain troops to F1. We felt that with Germany being so strong and so close to France that we should help set up a defence against Germany. The Ottoman Empire, Germany, Austria-Hungary attacked R3 of Russia. Central Powers defeated Russia. It appears that all of those countries are planning on pushing into Russia and trying to take over. Ottoman Empire attacked Russia in R4. Allied Powers were victorious! This is good for us because this helps Russia defend against attacks, if the Ottoman’s would’ve won, Russia could be getting attacked from two directions and two different forces would be hard to defend. Italy attacked Austria-Hungary, Central Powers defeated Italy which greatly weakened Italy. Italy was going to put pressure on Austria to hopefully surround Germany to make defeating them easier. Great Britain attacked Germany in G1, Germany defeated us too easily, it’s a reality check of how powerful Germany is. Our goal is to close in on Germany and Austria but spread out their troops so we can hopefully slowly pick them off. Romania and Serbia attacked Bulgaria. This opens up another route for Allied forces to run up into Germany and Austria

Great Britain 2 1917

The United States joined the Allies. Austria Hungary attacked Italy. With Italy defeating them this weakens Austria and forces and balances out Austria defeating them earlier. We are trying to spread their troops out thinner which makes attacking easier. Greece joined the Allies, this doesn’t do much for us other than giving us more troops to use, hopefully their troops can push up into Austria and take them out. We attacked Germany in G1 to attempt to take out Germany. Germany defended with poison gas, Germany defeated us. Losing these troops was bad, we need all the troops we can get and Germany having poison gas makes it that much harder to attack them and win. Russia attacked O1 and lost, Russia is very weak. Russia is struggling, their troops can’t seem to pull off a win, we worry that Austria or Germany will send their troops into Russia and take them out with ease. But hopefully with us and France right on the edge of Germany that they will be too scared to leave themselves vulnerable to attack Russia. France and the United States attacked Germany in G2. France and Germany both used poison gas but Germany was still victorious which again, makes us that much more hesitant to attack them simply because how do you attempt to attack someone when they are much stronger than you. Austria Hungary and Germany attacked I1. Central Powers were victorious. Italy has been cut off from France where our troops and Frances’ troops are at. We feel like we need to get France and Italy connected and push back the Austrians but we can’t leave ourselves open for Germany. The Ottoman Empire attacked O2, with the Ottomans defeating Russia again, things are looking too scary for Russia, they can’t defend themselves well and we can’t allow Germany or Austria to take them out. Serbia and Romania attacked Bulgaria. Allied Powers were victorious! With this win, all of the southern area is controlled by the Allied Powers, we need to use these areas to our advantage and attack Austria and Germany from multiple directions. We are trying to push in and help Russia from the attackers but I don’t think our help came soon enough. I think that since we have 1,400 of our troops and 2,500 of Frances troops, that we should move all of those troops into Belgium and then to G1 and start putting the pressure on Germany. The Central powers are too strong and are expanding too much, we should start attacking their weak spots where their troops are spread too thin. 

Great Britain 2 1918

We moved our navy to Sea Zone 1 just to have our navy close and at the ready. Austria Hungary attacked Serbia. Montenegro defended them. Allied Powers were victorious, this weakens Austria more and opens up a lane for our allies and France to attack. Germany attacked Romania with poison gas. The Russian troops attempted to defend, but Central Powers were too strong and defeated them which isn’t good for Russia. Russia is losing troops fast. The Ottoman Empire attacked Bulgaria and took back the south. Germany attacked Russia with poison gas, Germany came out on stop. Russia collapsed!! Russia is gone. Germany now has control of Russia, Germany can now spin around and focus on us and France which will be hard to defend. We also attacked Germany with army forces and poison gas to make a last second push into Germany but Germany was too strong.. We attacked the Ottoman Empire with poison gas, we took them out! Us and France attacked the Central Powers using poison gas. We took back our lost land but it didn’t help us defeat Germany all that much.

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