WWII Simulation

Daily Journal #1

1938- China

Period 4

Starting off operation day was a bit slow but it also gave my group a lot of time to think about and plan our strategy and what we have to do during this whole simulation. Thinking about this simulation is a bit crazy because there are a lot more things that are included in this one that wasn’t involved in the World War I simulation. Everything is the same but now there in natural resources that are needed to increase your military ranking. 

1938- Finland

Operation day started today and it was a super slow day. Not only did we learn about the whole simulation and what the objective of it was but we also learned about all of the new stuff that was put in this simulation that wasn’t in the last one. The only new thing that was added to this simulation was that there are natural resources and if you collect them then you can increase your military rating which could help you when you are planning on attacking a country. 

Daily Journal #2 

1939- China

Period 4

Today China had to get natural resources like Oil, Iron Ore, Coal, and Rubber. We successfully got what we needed for all of our resources, but we were just needing to get rubber. Not only was it hard to find countries that had rubber around us but we also had to keep in mind that we can’t get rubber from any countries that weren’t allied with us or they could try and backstab us and try and take our land which wouldn’t be good. 

1939- Finland

Today Finland had a pretty slow day. There was really nothing that we could have done, except for making alliances and become friends with some of the other countries. To start off we wanted to talk to Russia to see if we could have an alliance with them so that we could help them attack countries and so that they could help us whenever we were getting attacked and needed some more troops to help fight. We also made a secret alliance with Germany so that they could also help us with anything at any given time. 

Daily Journal #3

1940- China

Period 4

Today has been a stressful day, not only have we been attacked once but we’ve been attacked twice. We were also attacked by the same country which sucks even more. At first Japan declared war on NC China, they had quite a few troops so we sent over just 500 so we wouldn’t lose all of our troops on one attack. We ended up losing that battle and the next round Japan decided to declare war on NW China. We didn’t bring any troops over because we already new what was going to happen and we were right in the beginning. We lost that land as well. 

1940- Finland

We’ve been pretty much chilling these past couple of days because there is nothing for us to do quite yet. Nobody is trying to attack us or steal any of our resources. We have gotten most of the resources that we need which include 1 oil, 1 iron ore and 1 coal. The U.S. has been super nice to us lately and we appreciate everything they are doing for us at the moment. Our goal for tomorrow is to try and finish up getting all of the resources that we need so we can have a better military and start attacking. 

Daily Journal #4 

1941- China

Period 4

In our simulation today it didn’t go so well. On Friday we got most of our country taken from us and today Japan yet again took NC China and SC China. When they were attacking NC China we wanted to try and win so we sent 1200 of our troops over there to fight. We needed up losing that land and all of our troops as well. When they attacked SC China they had 800 troops and we decided not to bring over nay of our troops. The only good thing that we got out of today was we finished getting all of our natural resources that we needed. Great Britain had given us 7 rubber. 

1941- Finland

Today in Finland was pretty laid back. All that had happened was Russia wanted to send about 50 of their troops to just hang out in Finland. They did that because they are allied with us and are just there for extra help if we ever get attacked. Russia was also very helpful today and gave us 1 rubber that we needed, so we officially have all of the natural resources that we are supposed to have in this simulation. 

Daily Journal #5 

1942- China

Period 4

Today we tried to successfully get some of our objectives but it didn’t go as planned. We tried taking back NW China. They had over 400 troops and we sent over 800 because we thought we were going to be okay, but we ender up getting destroyed and lost all of our troops because of that. Japan then attacked Tibet China and since we didn’t have any troops to fight we couldn’t do anything about it. We also ended up losing that part of China too and currently have no troops and Japan has all of China taken over. 

1942- Finland

There wasn’t really anything Finland could have done. We’re all around countries that we are allied with and we don’t want to start attacking countries when we have only a few hundred troops and not a good military rating. The USSR also decided to put 300 more troops into Finland just to hang out there just incase some country tries and attacks us and we need some extra military. 

Daily Journal #6 

1943- China

Period 4 

Today China didn’t have really anything to do, but we did get asked if we wanted to help Great Britain. When they asked us to help we couldn’t because we have lost all of our troops when Japan attacked us and killed all of our troops. We now don’t have to worry about losing anymore troops or being attacked because we lost all of our land and we’ve lost all of our troops. 

1943- Finland

Today we are still clear from being attacked and still have 400 troops in our area. We also got talked to about maybe joining the Axis powers, but we are still unsure if we want to make a big decision like that with only having a couple days left in this simulation. We also plan on staying out of the war but we are willing to help the USSR if they want to attack a country that have more troops. 

Daily Journal #7

1944- China

Period 4

During the simulation today we didn’t have really anything to do. Since we got all of our land taken from us and also all of our troops we can’t really do anything but listen to what the other countries are doing and what their planning on doing throughout the rest of the simulation. We also always get asked if we can help Great Britain when they want to attack a country but we can’t help because we have no troops. 

1944- Finland 

Today for Finland we didn’t do much. There isn’t really anything for us to do because we are still neutral and have to stay neutral. All of the countries that are allied wars don’t really have anything to do as well because they all don’t have enough troops to attack the bigger countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy. We all basically want to stay away from them because we all know that if we try attacking them then they will definitely beat us because they have more troops than us and have a really good military rating.  

Daily Journal #8

1945- China

Period 4

Today was the final day of the simulation and nothing really happened with China. Since Japan had taken in over like the third day we haven’t really been able to do anything other than talk with our alliance and see what they need help with, and we can talk to them about what they should or shouldn’t do. We have also met some of our objectives, but the ones that told us to try and get back the land that Japan had taken from us, but we tried and it didn’t really work out as planned. 

1945- Finland

Today was our final day of the simulation and for Finland we couldn’t really do anything or move any troops unless we wanted to attack a country. We could’ve attacked a country around us but our allies would be mad and probably try to attack us in return. We have though successfully completed all of our objectives. We mostly completed them the first couple of days since we started the simulation. 

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