World War I Simulation

Serbia 5 1913

The Archduke was killed!!! Tensions have been rising and allies are being formed and war seems almost impossible to avoid. We feel threatened by the central powers. I plan with France, Great Britain, and Russia. If Austria Hungary and Germany Attack, I hope that Russia will defend me. I believe that my alliance with France and Great Britain will make Germany hesitate to leave in order to prevent an attack.

Montenegro 5 1913

There has been a lot of talk of war. There are rumors that Serbia was responsible for the killing of the Archduke. They denied that anything was their fault, however. We are allies with Serbia and hope that we do not get dragged into war.

Greece 5 1913

Tensions are rising and war is about to break out. We do not plan on getting involved in this war. We need to stay neutral until 1917.

Serbia 5 1914

Austria and us do NOT get along. Our plan is to take them down. We publicly allied with France and Russia. We secretly allied with Great Britain and Romania. Our plan is to ally with Belgium and Bulgaria. We hope that they do, because they could hurt us deeply if they join the central powers. France is going to take over Germany and with all the countries allied they will have a huge army.

(Second half of 1914) We don’t trust Bulgaria! We moved 150 troops into Bulgaria along with Russia and destroyed Bulgaria. We have a plan to take out Austria Hungary. We all do this by getting control of every region surrounding, then when the time is right we will all swoop in and declare war on Austria Hungary.

Greece 5 1914

With us staying neutral until 1917, not much happens. At this point we plan to join with the allied powers once we can split off.

Montenegro 5 1914

A lot of action today. We are hoping that if we stay quiet, we can keep ourselves out of this war.

Serbia 5 1915

Germany just tried to take over us but they didn’t succeed. We need to get A3 and A2. Germany however DID take over part of Russia which is bad!! we need that back. Thank God for Montenegro and Romania for helping us out otherwise we would be gone.

Montenegro 5 1915

We had to help Serbia so we sent all our troops to Serbia so they wouldn’t be defeated. I don’t know what we will do now… luckily we are small anyways. Hopefully no one takes advantage of our troops absence.

Greece 5 1915

Still neutral and staying out of everyones way. If we weren’t neutral we probably would have sent some troops over to help Serbia because they were attacked today.

Serbia 5 1916

Serbia didn’t have enough troops to hold everyone off. We have been attacked. We are counting on our allies to come help us out when they can. They are our last hope!!

Montenegro 5 1916

We still have zero troops in Montenegro. Praying for peace in our country.

Greece 5 1916

This is our last day to be neutral. Enjoying the relaxation while we can. Tomorrow we hope to see some action.

Serbia 5 1917

Today we had hoped things would go a little differently. We were hoping that some of our allies could help us get Serbia back, but thats not what happened. Instead, our allies were VERY focused on getting back part of Russia and part of France. We attempted it twice and failed both times. Luckily, Germanys troops are thinning out so maybe we can comeback from all this tomorrow!

Montenegro 5 1917

Today was a bad day. Unfortunately because we had previously helped out Serbia by sending our troops over, we were attacked today and lost the battle. Central Powers has such a good rating… we can’t compete. If we have time, we plan to get Serbia back and possible Montenegro as well.

Greece 5 1917

Today we are no longer neutral. We allied with allied powers. We were hoping that no one would touch us today and thats what we got! We still have all of our troops and tomorrow we plan to use them to help out Serbia and our other allies.

Serbia 5 1918

Greece saved us!!! We have Serbia back.  I hope no one takes us again.

Austria Hungary took us over again. There’s nothing we can do at this point. We are apart of Central Powers. Luckily our allies have been gaining territory.

Montenegro 5 1918

We hope Greece can save us today, but we know that their priority is more focused on Serbia.

Serbia has been taken over again. We have no hope anymore. We are apart of Central Powers.

Greece 5 1918

We are fearing that Bulgaria may try to attack us and try and capture Macedonia. We hope this doesn’t happen.

Bulgaria is attacking Greece. France is sending some troops to help along with their navy. We won!!  We are in allied powers to end off the war. (TM)