World War I Simulation

United States 5 1914
We just got a telegraph from Great Britain. It appears that Serbia assassinated Austria Hungary. Tensions are high because we anticipate that Austria Hungary is going to try to send troops over. We think they are going to go to war with us. Serbia denies any involvement in this. They think this was done by rebels.

United States 5 1915
Our biggest fears came true. Austria Hungary did attack Serbia and sent troops in. It didn’t take Serbia long to fall because they just didn’t have the resources or military to put up much of a defense. Now that Serbia is under Nazi control, we anticipate other country’s becoming involved as well due to alliances. Thankfully we are an ocean away, and the war will be over once France and Great Britain join the defense.

United States 5 1916
France and Italy are now involved in the war along the side of Great Britain. They are mounting an attack to push back the Ottoman Empire and their allies. Belgium and the eastern part of France must hold the line, otherwise we may need to send reinforcements not only of supplies but also in troops. If they fall, we will need to join the war effort to defeat the Central Powers. The future of freedom and democracy is in peril.

United States 5 1917
We have joined the Allies in an effort to stop the Central Powers. They have attacked Belgium with 7000 troops and Belgium is now under their control. Romania and Russia have mounted a strong defense after Germany attacked on that front as well. After much discussion with our Allied partners, it was decided that France and Italy would mount a counter attack on Austria Hungary. We moved 500 of our troops into France, but our territories continue to be taken and our armies are dwindling. Germany continues to attack France and no matter how many troops we and our Allied partners send, we continue to lose ground. This update just came in – We have lost France. Lord help us……..

United States 5 1918
As of now we have moved all of our troops to France, however, this seems to be a lost cause. We continue to lose territory due to Germany’s repeated attacks in France. Great Britain has also moved their troops to France but they had no better luck than we did. We declared war in F1 territory but those German bastards used poison gas and we lost everyone. Our hope was that Russia would attack them through Bulgaria and we would take back over the eastern territory. We have only

been able to recover Germany, but the Central Powers were victorious in holding their ground and we have lost the war. This isn’t over…….. (TM)