WW2 Activity

Italy 3, 1938

The world is on edge again. You can feel tensions rising through the air. Italy is not ready for war. As a country we have decided to just sit back for a little bit, and see how everything goes. We are not very strong, we need to collect natural resources to help ourselves out. We love our alliance with Germany, as long as they stand strong. We have lots of countries that we are out to get.

Italy 3, 1939

The war has officially started. Italy is still choosing to stay out of the war for the time being. As we strategize, and try to agree on our first plan of attack, we try to decide what will be best for our country. We still need to gain more natural resources and we think we may have found a way to acquire some. The countries that we want to take over don’t have much for natural resources, this will be our biggest problem. The Axis Powers have headed into the war full force, and are taking over many lands already. We believe that being apart of the Axis Powers will be very helpful to us, and that they will provide us much help.

Italy 3, 1940

In the year 1940, we as Italy have finally decided to join the war. We are making big moves to allow us to be in best position for invasion. We have taken over Albania, it my have not given us any natural resources but we still believe that it still be useful. We have big plans for the war, and believe that we will be very successful. As our next move of attack we plan to take over Greece. And after that start to take over the countries on the bottom of the map. We may wait a little bit though before we attack so others think that we are just sweet and innocent, and won’t cause any harm.

Italy 3, 1941

We have conquered Greece, and will continue to take over other countries that we feel need to be taken out. Our next plan of attack is to take over Egypt. We believe that this will be easy because they don’t have many troops, and they don’t have anyone that can help protect them. There is talk in our alliance of kicking Germany out…. We do not believe that this is a smart move as the Axis Powers, especially because Japan has lost a majority of their troops. USSR has decided to side with the Allied Powers, and they are now very angry with them. It was a mistake for Japan to attack them, we feel that it will come back to haunt us in the end.

Italy 3, 1942

The Axis powers are remaining strong. Japan has been continuing to take over pretty much everything. Japan tried to attack the USSR, which was a big mistake. Losing most of their troops it is not looking good. Things are not looking good for Germany. We are not sure that we should side with them much longer. It may be in our best option to side differently. Germany has started to drift from attacking in the war, and we are not sure why. We fear that they may attack us. We have lost all of our Navy ships, which is going to make it very hard to conquer the countries that we want to take over.

Italy 3, 1943

Italy has decided to make a big change, even this late in the war. Italy has decided to switch sides, and side with the Allied Powers. Things were not looking good for Germany, and we feared attack from them. After lots of thinking, and processing we decided it was what would be best for our country. One major factor in us deciding to switch was the fact that our Navy was completely taken out. Without our navy we had no way to conquer the countries we needed to complete our objectives. When I signed with the Allies they promised me that those countries could be under Italy rule. Now as an Allied Power, we will start our attack on taking over Germany. We took over Austria, in order to move closer to Germany. Belgium is also back under our control.

Italy 3, 1944

Germany is still not doing much in the war anymore. As the Allied Powers, we continue to take over more, and more territory getting closer to Germany. Germany doesn’t even try to defend their countries. Today we as Italy we took over Bohemia- Moravia, to prepare ourselves for what is to come. We are starting to move into Germany. They are done for. All of Germany has finally become ours. We will now plan our attack, and move closer to Poland. Our first and only attack on Poland was a great success! Part of Poland is now ours. As we prepare to take the rest of Poland, we think deeply about our strategy. The Axis Powers aren’t doing much in the war anymore. We feel as though the end days of WW2 may be coming.

Italy 2, 1945

As the war is slowly starting to die down the Allied Powers stand strong. All of Poland has finally became ours. Along with Yugoslavia, Romania, and a bunch of other countries that are now also ours. The war was very interesting, and consisted of many different events. It was a hard fought war on both sides, even if the Axis Powers didn’t end with many on their side. It is a relief for all to see the war finally come to an end. There were many territories that went back and forth between both sides during the war. In the end it was a great win for the Allied Powers! 

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