WW2 Activity

USSR 4 1938: I don’t have many plans for the USSR, but I know that I can not attack Germany. I’d personally rather keep the USSR out of war with the countries around me. However, I also know that Germany will have to fight a war on two fronts if they attack the USSR. I’ll follow my objectives as closely as I can, and hopefully the USSR will stay alive and keep it’s original territory. I know it’s not much to use, but it worked last time. So, I’m going to bring food for my allies, hopeful that will be persuasive enough to keep them from attacking. 

USSR 4 1939: I want to keep my alliance with Germany and make peace with the countries around me. I’d rather not fight with those around me, unless I have no other choice. If I don’t I’ll also have to fight on a two front war. I want my country to survive and not be taken over by others. I have also allied with Japan and other countries that are part of the Axis. I do fear what will happen to my country if Germany attacks, I know I do not have the strength to take them or Japan in a fight. I tried to take over Poland, but I underestimated their army. However, Germany agreed to split Poland with me. Along with that I promised to send 4.5 oil to them, they don’t need to know that it’s part of my objectives to do so. It worked out for me in the end. 

USSR 4 1940: Our plan is to be allies with Germany for as long as we can. I have planned to have Germany help us have resources. It’s better to be on their side, because if I don’t I know I will lose my country. It’s also part of the pact that I can’t attack unless attacked. I have been allied with Finland now, instead of taking them over. Some of my troops are now in Finland too. My allies have also started to transfer some their resources to us. I plan to strengthen my army. I’m also transferring my resources my allies. It’ll help strength our alliance. 

USSR 4 1941: With my alliances, I have gained resources that I need. My allies are also gaining territory, specifically Japan. They have taken over a country that had a lot of rubber. I convinced the President to transfer most of the rubber to the USSR. I have also made a deal with the U.S., in exchange for rubber I received oil. I have no intention of allying with them unless I’m given no other choice. There aren’t many goals for me that involve attacking. I do know that I can’t take part of Rumania, because I’m allied and we have a sort of agreement. The USSR doesn’t take part of Rumania, and they won’t take part of the USSR. 

USSR 4 1942: I was gone for one day, which means I was gone for a year. I am very concerned about what my Foreign Minister did. He moved many troops, and a couple I know I will move when I have the chance. My allies are very worried about what he did. I’ve had to reassure them that nothing will happen, and that he acted entirely on his own. If I don’t they may think we’re up to something, Japan is already suspicious of me because the President says, and I quote “I can’t tell what you are thinking.†I am now also surrounded by the Axis fully, I feel it is a smart move to finally become part of the Axis. I know Italy is planning something, they are the only Axis country I am not allied with. If I do ally with the Axis there is a strong chance they will not be able to take any of my land. I’ve been holding onto another plan too, but I knew I was too weak. I could try to go after Iran, and then split it with Rumania. It could put a little more distance between the USSR and Britain. However, I’m weary of my troops. Even if Britain only has 50 troops and they most likely will not fight back, I don’t want to take a chance without many troops going there. 

USSR 4 1943: I have decided to join the Axis. That’s because I see it as more insurance. I’m surrounded anyway, I don’t think they can actually attack me if I join the Axis. I don’t plan on helping much, purely for the reason that it would take too long to move my troops. There just isn’t enough time for me to help with my troops. The President even agrees, and I told them that I would strengthen my border but to not worry. Germany has also taken some of France, it’s only a matter of time before it falls. Japan has also attacked the U.S. At least I know that the USSR is mostly safe from both countries. 

USSR 4 1944: Apparently, I’m not allowed to join the Axis. So, I’m back to being neutral because there is no way I can join the Allies. Some of the Allies have started to beg for me to join, but I can’t. Germany is advancing more and more on France, in fact they have taken over the country. I do feel safe for now, because the other countries are not focused on the USSR. They are focused on the Axis, so they really have no reason to attack us. Iran has also been taken over, even though I planned on taking it. It’s alright though, I have some trust in my allies. They know full well I will take food privileges away too. Right now, I just want to strengthen my borders. There is also no way I can do war because my allies around around me now, and I’m not the type of person to throw away an alliance unless provoked. The USSR is mostly just doing movements.

USSR 4 1945: The last year, I don’t plan on doing much. I can’t start any wars, because I’m allied with the countries around me. I’m still going to strengthen my borders though. Germany has also taken over all of France, but the U.S has taken over French North Africa. I still have nothing to worry about, I know that I’m not Germany, Japan’s, or Rumania’s top priority. They also don’t want to lose food privileges, so that’s why they haven’t attacked me. Germany no longer has a navy either, so America and Britain are safe. I can’t really help because that would take too many moves and time is already running out. I can proudly say though, the USSR has survived WWII with very little casualties. 

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