Italy 3 1913

The Balkan Peninsula is a ticking time bomb and Europe could go up in flames. Austria-Hungary’s archduke has been killed by a Serbian Nationalist group. Unconfirmed reports show that Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Russia, and Germany and mobilizing. There are a lot of allies mixed between these countries and may involve quite a few of them sooner rather than later. Only time will tell if this means war or a tense peace. 

Italy 3 1914

War has been declared! Serbia was able to survive the attacks from Austria-Hungary with help from Montenegro. There has been a lot of movement between Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire. Some war has also broken out. I decided to sit this year out and plan to make a secret alliance with France and another secret alliance with Austria- Hungary, who I already have a defensive alliance with. Austria-Hungary is planning to use me in order to get to France. If they believe that I am on their side and I can convince them that I will help attack from the back side, I can switch up on them and help me true ally, France. I also plan on joining The Allies side. We shall see where the next year takes us and hopefully Italy still stands strong! 

Italy 3 1915

Serbia could only withstand only one attack, not 2. The Central Powers were too much for the little country of Serbia who had no allies close enough to send help. Russia looked to be the next target for the Central Powers. Russia has a lot of troops, but not at a strength that they need to be to keep the strong German and Austrian – Hungarian troops out of their territory. Great Britain proves to be the strongest of the navies and takes out the Austrain navy in the Meditarrainian Sea Zone. In attempts to take back Russia’s zone 3 from the Central Powers, Russia loses even more troops. Russia is completely taken over by Austria – Hungary and Germany by the end of 1915 and lets the Allies down big time. Also late 1915, Italy secretly joined The Allies. 

Italy 3 1916

Italy is a major location, both for the Central Powers and the Allies, settled between the borders of France and Austria-Hungary. The Allies can use Italy to get into Austria, and The Central Powers can use it to get deep into the heart of France. Late 1915, Italy secretly joined the Allies. Now with this land, plans are being made in order to successfully take over zones of Austria – Hungary and hopefully Germany. The Central Powers began to spread their troops in all of the zones of Russia that they have in control to better manage their numbers spread them evenly. The japanese navy helps the Allies and takes out Austrian – Hungarian navy in the Aegean Sea. In their first movements to try and take Austrian land, France and Great Britain are bringing troops south and into Northern Italy. Once they are all there, they begin to make a defence in their surrounding territories in case the Central powers plan to strike back right away. 1916 was a year full of strategy movements to prepare for a very big battle in the coming days. Everyone is double and triple counting to make sure all the troops needed are in their places and watching from all angles. All eyes are on the Allies to make their first war move for land. 

Italy 3 1917

The United States finally come to assist the Allies and get prepared to send their men into war. War!! Italy and France declare war on Austria – Hungary’s zone 2. Combined, they have 7,000 of their men and France uses his poisonous gas. Even with the higher number of troops, the forces of Austria – Hungary and Germany’s armies are too much. The Central Powers are able to keep their land. The United States has enough armies to help now and they come to Italy and France, ready to strike again. Great Britain uses the Allies navies and moves more of his troops south. Now with more troops, The Allies believe that they could have a 3-way attack plan. France and Italy go for Austria zone 2, Great Britain sends men through the Arden’s Forest into Germany’s zone 2, and Britain and U.S. troops move through Belgium into Germany Zone 1. Hopefully, the Allies are successful with the thinning numbers of the Central Powers. Still holding strong, the Central Powers can’t seem to lose and defeat The Allies in all of the battles. Hopefully in the coming, and final year, the Allies can take some land from the Central Powers.  

Italy 3 1918

The final year of this long war has finally came. The year was full of strategic movements, waiting for the opposing side to crumble under their own weight and make it easier for the other side to attack. The Allies can’t seem to find a way to win, even with their strong armies. The Central Powers have reigned victorious on all battle out west. The Allies keep sending in troops, hopefully to weaken the opposing side, but all efforts have failed, and the The Allies are losing troops faster than the Central Powers. The Allies tried one final effort to attack in 3 different regions. The United States, France, and Italy try attacking from the southern side into Austria. Great Britain sends troops into Germany through Arden’s Forest, and Great Britain and the United States send troops through Belgium, who sided with The Allies, into northern Germany. All efforts failed for The Allies, once again. This war has been more about strategic movements, than meaningless battles. When battles were fought, the Central Powers seemed to always have the upperhand, but The Allies were never really the ones to be attacked. They always went into Central Power territory. The Allies were able to keep all of their land, except Russia, which fell within the first 2 years of the war, due to a lack of a strong government. Without the use of Russia, The Allies found it very hard to attack from multiple sides. Even without Russia, The Allies were able to keep the land that was left from the Central Powers. The war has finally come to an end. (TM)