• Serbia 4 1913-I have to give a speech about why I killed  Franz Ferdinand. I have to keep my territory and gain some. I’m going to honor my truce with Russia so I can have some help.
  • Greece 4 1913-I am neutral until 1917, so I just have to stay stuck in the middle for a few rounds
  • Montenegro 4 1913- i’m kind of just there, I just have to honor my alliances for the rest of the years.
  • Serbia 4 1914- I got attacked today and France and Montenegro helped me defend. I think I am going to ally with France next year and I need to mobilize more troops. Right now Montenegro is kind of defenseless so I  might move troops into there and protect them from Austria
  •  Greece 4 1914- Nothing has happened today really, but I found out that I have to go on a little battle with Serbia. I was going to have them take over me without a fight, but I have to fight back so that’s cool. I have no troops to mobilize, so I can’t do anything until 1917
  • Montenegro 4 1914- Because I defended Serbia today, I am very low on troops. I am going to try to convince the others to try to defend me because I could easily get taken over. I am also the country that France and Japan can drop off troops, so I do have a purpose.
  • Serbia 4 1915- I got attacked again and this time it was really damaging to me. The only people that could help were the leftover soldiers from France and Montenegro. I have no idea how I’m supposed to take over two areas of Austria-Hungary when I have no soldiers, and Russia can’t help me at all.
  • Greece 4 1915- Once again, nothing happened to me and I can’t do anything until 1917
  • Montenegro 4 1915- I am now down to 4 troops. I don’t know how I am going to get anyone else to defend me because they all have their own things to do. 
  • Serbia 4 1916- I lost Serbia, but maybe I can convince Italy to help me out and get it back.
  • Greece 4 1916- Still nothing happened but now I don’t know what to do because Serbia can’t fight if Serbia is no longer Serbia. I get to choose what side I want tomorrow and I know Bulgaria wants my land
  • Montenegro 4 1916- I got attacked today but somehow I’m still going strong with 3 soldiers. I moved my 3 troops to help Italy because I just wanted to feel involved. 
  • Serbia 4 1917- The Allies got Serbia back and their troops with the help of Greece, France, Great Britain and Italy. Tomorrow we are planning to attack A3 and maybe Bulgaria
  • Greece 4 1917– Greece signed with the Allies and helped take over Serbia. We are finally involved and I feel like this country will help take over some land like Bulgaria. 
  • Montenegro 4 1917- I still have 3 troops and I feel completely useless but that’s okay. I’m still standing and no one will mess with Montenegro. 
  • Serbia 4 1918- I lost Serbia again, and all of my troops. I failed my objectives but I tried. It was a good run and I feel like I stood strong throughout the whole simulation. 
  • Greece 4 1918- Greece lost all of their troops because I accidently left them in Serbia, and then they got taken over again. I was involved for one day, and then I was destroyed but that is okay because I feel like I at least helped for one day.
  • Montenegro 4 1918- Hey I completed all of my objectives and still had 3 troops left. Small but mighty is what I like to say.

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