Ottoman Empire 4 1913 – 

Something big and bad is coming, I can feel it in the air. Serbia has killed the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. My alliance is neutral so as the cause I will be following the lead of Germany on this. I think my first move might be to make it public that I am working with Germany but not for sure about it. I will talk with them on Monday but they have been weird towards me lately and I’m not entirely sure because I will always follow their lead. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1914 – 

Today was nuts. Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia but unfortunately they were unsuccessful in the war. I took note on how many troops Serbia lost in the war, it was not many, leaving me to think that they have a high ranking in military. Germany also declared war on Russia but was also unable to pull out a victory for the Central Powers. I didn’t do much today but tomorrow I am going to make some moves. I wanted people to think that I won’t do much. I wanted to let the other people make big moves on the first day and so then I could sweep in and start taking countries, starting with Bulgaria. The President of Bulgaria isn’t the brightest, she let me in on some of her Top Secret Info. She told me that it says she is to watch out for me, which I am. But I won’t tell her that. I have her believing I am going after Greece first. But my target is Bulgaria. I am not going to tell any of the other Central Powers as they don’t understand that it will be good for us to get those countries. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1915 – 

If I were to compare this year to last year I would say, successful. Even though me and AH weren’t able to take over Serbia, AH and Germany were able to get a part of Germany and will continue to invade Russia. I sent 200 troops to invade Serbia but AH isn’t the smartest to say the least. She talks too loud and gives away too much. Today was also successful in the way as I was able to figure out a way to hear everything the Allies are planning but Great Britain might be on to me so I have to become more sneaky but if I can pull this off, it should be a win for the Central Powers in the end.

Ottoman Empire 4 1916 – 

I am not happy after today. I don’t know what is going through Germany and AH brain but it is obviously nothing good. I am aligned with them and will follow their lead, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with their decisions. I don’t understand why they would think it’s a good idea to move all their troops to one area, leaving all the others open for the Allies to take. I tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen. Also I don’t understand why they would want me to attack Russia when they have almost 2 ½ times more troops than I do and they could bring more. I know their army isn’t good but mine also isn’t either and I don’t want to lose troops when I know they will not help me in the long run. All I can hope for is that they get their crap together and stop making dumb decisions. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1917 – 

Today was a better day for the Central Powers. We took over all of Russia and they are out, done, gone. I also thought today would be a great day to take Greece but as I moved troops to Greece, Great Britain thought otherwise. Greece allied with the Allies and I was unable to take over Greece. I know Great Britain wants to take me over so I think I won’t be going for Greece anymore as I want to keep my land and not lose any. 

Ottoman Empire 4 1918 – 

Today was the final day. And I can say, I’m pretty pleased with how things ended. I finally was able to capture Greece, and all by myself, no help from anyone. I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Also we regained Serbia which is also nice because no one likes them. In the end I feel as if the Central Powers really came together and were able to do some real damage. We were able to take over some countries but probably not as many as my allies would have liked but it worked out well for me in the end. 

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