World War I Simulation

Period 4  Serbia 1913:

I want to mobilize my troops so each year I will get more new troops and they will get stronger. I thought that was a good idea because what isn’t good about getting new and improved troops? Once I am mobilize I will keep my alliance with Russia and make sure they will do the same.

Period 4  Greece 1913:

It sucks because I can’t mobilize my troops. I have a feeling that staying neutral is going to be hard. If I get attacked, I am going to want people to defend me. I am a smaller country so countries will probably want to attack me, and I can’t make allies witch stinks because they could help defend me. I want to stay neutral and thats what I plan to do.

Period 4  Montenegro 1913:

I have made a little plan that may work if my allies will work with me. I plan to have Great Britain and France send over some sea troops for me. That will make me stronger, also, I could send them over to Serbia, if I wanted to. Going to try my best to retain my territory so no one can can take me over!!

Period 4  Serbia 1914:

The start of this was bizarre. Austria Hungary wants to declare war! I thought it was a good idea to mobilize my troops so we were ready for war. My plan is to side with and honor Russia, they have many troops and they can supply a large army with little industrialization. I want to become allies with as many countries as I can so we can take down Austria Hungary! I want to destroy Austria Hungary, may the best country win!!

Period 4  Greece 1914:

I can’t really do anything at this point because I need to stay neutral and not join anyone; when I could be helping them. I really think that I am going to get attacked and I am gong to have to go un neutral so other people can try and defend me. I really don’t like that idea but I am scared that that is going to happen… What I plan to do is try my very best to stay neutral until 1917 and then put on an attack on Bulgaria.

Period 4  Montenegro 1914:

Being a small country is a disadvantage because everyone can attack you. Easily. All I need to do is keep my alliances with my allies and have them defend me. If I can have them do that, I should be fine. I can use Great Britain’s navy to help me, also. I won’t be much help towards my allies since I only have 50 troops, but as long as I can convince them to defend me I won’t get taken over.

Period 4  Serbia 1915:

I am working my best on taking over A2 of Austria-Hungary. My allies and I have sort of made a mini plan that may work. We were planning on moving in a ton of troops in to take over A3 and if we win that it will be a breeze to take over A2. Then, we can takeover A2 and there will be no way for them to win that.

Period 4  Greece 1915:

I only have 1 more day that I have to stay neutral! One more day and I can side with the allied powers and retain my part of Bulgaria! We are waiting patiently for this to happen. Once we takeover Bulgaria, We can take over the rest of Ottoman Empire!! As long as no one sets an attack on me, I am set and ready to attack.

Period 4  Montenegro 1915:

I feel like everyone forgets about me, because I am so small. It’s a good thing that I have Great Britain’s and France’s navy to defend me. I also have Serbia and Italy and h=everyone else surrounding me to help defend me so I can retain my territory. I will try and help out Serbia has much as I can with the 50 troops I have.

Period 4  Serbia 1916: 

So our plan worked really good at first. Some of our troops just aren’t strong enough. Russia hasn’t been a big help for me since his troops are weak. I have gotten attacked twice and won both times since my troops are strong. I am still waiting on the perfect time to attack part A2 of Austria-Hungary.

Period 4  Greece 1916:

Tomorrow I can finally join the allied powers! Serbia, Romania, and I will takeover Bulgaria, then I can take my part of Bulgaria. I have made it this far, I can end this and be victorious and get what I want!!

Period 4  Montenegro 1916:

I seriously think it was a good idea just to keep my mouth shut, because no one has even thought about taking me over. I have done everything in my objectives so far, so I am on a pretty good track right now. If Serbia gets attacked, I plan on sending my troops over into there to help them out. Even Greece could help out too, And Romania! We all need to stay together so we can all be just one little mini country.

Period 4  Serbia 1917:

I have finally taken over A2 of Austria-Hungary! I knew our team could work together and get what we wanted! We better be prepared for tomorrow because Germany is going to attack right away and try to attain that territory back. If they are smart they will just start trying to follow their objectives and do whatever they need to do. But since I have taken over A2 I can unite all the Slavs in the Balkans into one nation. Since Greece has joined the allied powers I can use their country to secure an outlet to the Aegean Sea.

Period 4  Greece 1917:

I have joined the allied powers! It’s becoming to the end and I am ready to win this war. I am ready to take down Bulgaria. It really stinks that I can’t mobilize my troops so I can get more, but I’m confident that I will be able to get what I want and be just fine. As long as Serbia and Romania can help me out.

Period 4  Montenegro 1917:

I lost all my 50 troops to help Serbia. I helped weaken the Austrians so Serbia could get a better attack. If I get attacked I am surrounded by all my alliances so they can all help me out. Since Serbia took over that small part of Austria I am part of one small nation.

Period 4  Serbia 1918:

I saw this coming… But I am so proud that I made it this far. I got part of Austria-Hungary, I did everything that I needed to do. Then on the very last day, I got taken over. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it.. None of my allies could help me and I didn’t have enough troops to fight. If I would have had a little more troops I could possibly made it out.. I am very proud how well I and the rest of my team did though.

Period 4  Greece 1917:

I did everything I possibly can. It sucked that I couldn’t mobilize my troops and that I had to stay neutral for so long. There was nothing I could do to save my country and my allies couldn’t help me either. I made it all the way tim the very last day where I couldn’t do anything to save my country Because they moved 1 troop into every country around me.

Period 4  Montenegro 1918:

Well, I don’t know what to say about this battle. We did so well, and then at the very end there just wasn’t anything we could do. I gave up all my troops to help Serbia out, and then that left me with no troops which wasn’t a very good plan. Just like the other countries I couldn’t do anything, no one could help me. But, I made it so long just like the other countries with getting taken over until the very last minute. (TM)