World War One Simulation

France  4  1913

Tension between us and Germany have been high. Looking in the long run, we want to gain back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany. We want to take down the Ottoman Empire as soon as possible, in order to overrun their country and to have access to the Dardanelles Strait. I will try to become strong allies with Great Britain, Italy, and Russia. We will help supply Russia with the needed war materials by taking over the Ottoman empires’ capital to be able to pass through the Dardanelles Strait. By doing this, I should be able to get help from Russia to gain back Alsace and Lorraine from the Germans.

France  4  1914

There have been some rumors that Austria-Hungary are trying to do whatever they can to try and take me down as soon as they can. They have threatened my secret ally, Italy, to try and get them to become allies with them or else they would use force to take them over. My ally is pretending to accept their request. It is obvious that they are trying to go through them in order to take over F2, which I may need some assistance from Great Britain’s Navy to defend F2. I am going to do what I can to take O1 from the Ottoman Empire.

France  4  1915

As the new year came, O1 got more troops and we weren’t able to take them early on. Instead, we took O2 and moved my navy to the North Atlantic Sea. Our plan is to take on the German Navy with our own French Navy and with the help of the British Navy. Once they are out, the British will take the Austrian’s Navy, cutting off all of the Central Powers Navy. This will stop them from being able to move outside their land zones, and will allow us to trap them in with assistance from both our allies Navy and our own.

France 4 1916

We were unsuccessful in trying to help defend Belgium. And were also unsuccessful in trying to take over the Ottoman’s capital. Next, we are going to try and defend as much as we can, while moving our Navy up North and I plan on bringing the U.S. troops into France. We will fill troops into Belgium and dominate Germany.

France 4 1917

After moving our Navy up North and as many troops into France as we could, we are going to move everything into Germany’s capital. Serbia, Romania, and Greece are surrounded by Ottoman troops, and we have no way to move troops South in order to help to defend them. Our ties with Britain and Spain are still strong and hopefully we will be able to defeat the Germans.

France  4  1918

We are not proud to announce that the allies will be forced to surrender. After trying to attack Germany with many US, British, Belgian, French, Portuguese, and Italian troops, the powerful German Army defeated us. They conquered everything. Our intentions were to take over the German capital to be able to take Alsace and Lorraine, but were failed. This has been a hard fought defeat. (TM)