World War I Simulation

Great Britain 6 1913

  We have been hearing of a war coming so Great Britain needs to prepare. We are preparing to fight the battles so we can take over countries. We are allied with France, Russia, Japan, and Portugal. Our main objective for the first war is that we need to keep our original country. This means that we can’t let anyone attack our country and if they do then we need to make sure that they can’t take it over. Our navy is very big and our ranking is a 10. Our army isn’t as strong as our navy, with our ranking being 7. By the end of 1913, we cleared our first objective and the Central Powers did not take over Great Britain. Hopefully by the end of the simulation, we will not have anyone take over our country.

Great Britain 5 1914

  In 1914, Serbia and Russia tried to take over Bulgaria but the Allies (Serbia and Russia) lost to the Central Powers. Also Serbia killed the Arch Duke which started all of the disputes and wars during this time. In Great Britain, we decided that we were going to lay low and try to not get on anyones bad side. Our strategy for the next couple years is that we will start to take over things that we need so that we could get our objectives done. During these few years, no one declared war on us and we still had our original country so we were in good shape. With the Arch Duke being killed, Great Britain decided to stay out of the drama and away from the different countries and not get into it so that we couldn’t become a target in the end.

Great Britain 5 1915

  In 1915, The Central Powers decided to take a part of Russia away from the Allies. Germany was the country that decided to take away one decent sized part of Russia. Now that we had one less area, we had to try to fight back. Germany also decided to sink the Lusitania ship so that there was no boat in the oceans. The Allies did not want to start another war because of how strong the Germany army is. We weren’t quite sure how high their ranking was but we didn’t want to start any wars where we could lose more things.

Great Britain 5 1916

  In 1916, the Allied forces attempted to take the Dardanelles Strait, but we lost, due to the Central Powers strength. The Ottoman Empire decided to fight back against the Allies and won. As soon as they could, Portugal and the United States joined with us because we persuaded them to be on the Allied Forces. We figured that if we could get a couple more countries to join us, then we would have a stronger force. It was hard for the Allies because a lot of our countries were being taken over by the Central Powers. In order for us to fight back we needed to start a war or multiple wars to gain them back.

Great Britain 5 1917

  In 1917, there was a huge fight in Belgium. Germany took F1 of France, Austria-Hungary took Serbia and Romania over. Great Britain couldn’t fight back because the German troops are too strong of an army.

Great Britain 5 1918

  In 1918, Great Britain combined our entire army and navy together and sent 1,844 troops to French North Africa. After that happened, Greece took back Serbia, but then Germany took back Serbia. In the United States, Germany, and Great Britain joined forces and took back France. Great Britain saved Italy with our troops because they couldn’t fight back. After Italy was under recovery, Great Britain went to the Ottoman Empire and decided to take the Dardanelles Strait because we needed it for our objectives. At the end of the simulation, we passed all of our objectives and didn’t get our country taken over. (TM)