World War I Simulation

Italy 13, 1913

This year we decided to not mobilize. The reason that we chose this is because we wanted to not have to fight for either side or be put in a situation were we needed to. Both sides at this point are trying to recruit us to there side and so we can ensure that they will not be attacking us and we are protected and so we strategically don’t need to or have to mobilize a this point in time.

Italy 14, 1914

This year we had to remain neutral. It was clear that both sides wanted to be in an alliance with us still. We decided to portray that we were just completely neutral so that we wouldn’t be attacked. We did know that we needed to make a secret alliance with France and the allies when 1915 rolled around, but we didn’t want to stir the dust until we had to. We did strategically talk to France though to make sure that they were willing to do that with us.

Italy 15, 1915

This year we decided that it was in our best interest to strategically make alliances with all of the all of the allies countries including the alliance that we needed with France. Great Britans country of Egypt got attacked and so we decided to let Great Britain take some of our troops on there amazing navy to help defend that. Doing a favor for Great Britain is strategic and can help us in the future if we get attacked also. It was also to show the other allies forces a definite action that Italy was on there side for sure.

Italy 16, 1916

Today we got attacked by Austria Hungry. They sent 5000 troops at us. France came to our rescue thank goodness and we also strategically decided to pull out of Egypt to defend the homeland and then to also move troops from f2 to f1 to also defend. Allies were victorious but we were weakened. We are planning to see how we can capture A1 and A2 for our objectives. We think that if we just wait a little bit longer the other people fighting with us will help knock the enemies troops making it easier. Russia is attacking and because we all have to work together with the alliance, we decided to send the 118/ of our 128 to help them. this is smart so then France said that they would send some of there troops down to help us and then we will have more troops to be able to get the A1 and A2 that we need. I am very nervous only being left with 10 troops there, but France has agreed to move 282 troops there now incase we get attacked.

Italy 17, 1917

Today Italy was in a time of no action. We were severely injured by previous attacks and failed attempts at helping other countries get land. Our troop numbers were nearly nonexistent and during this time we only had French troops to protect our country. Our plan is to wait it out until we get more troops the next day and then try to get our objectives then.

Italy 18, 1918

Today I attempted to get my objective by sending my remaining 810 troops from I1 to I2 to try to take the land and reach my objective of getting Trieste in Austria Hungary. Even though it was a good effort, the central powers were able to still keep it because of there alliances helping them, I then took my navy to help take back Serbia for the Allies and that attempt was victorious. We also then helped defend Greece. The central powers decided to attack my I1 to take my capital but we got reinforcements from Great Britain and France to be able to keep it. They did sadly take over I2 though. (TM)