World War I Simulation

Italy 4 1913

I feel the tensions rising in the countries surrounding me.  I am starting to get nervous that I might be stuck in the middle of something I don’t want to be.  I think its my best option to ally with France but keep it a secret so it doesn’t set off the Austria-Hungary’s.  That was if the central powers want to try and invade I can call over France to help defend.  I need to keep a close eye on France and Great Britain.  If they wanted to get to Austria- Hungary they might invade me to get their.  I can’t trust anyone at this point. 

Italy 4 1914

The tensions have boiled over!  Austria- Hungary declared war on us.  It was expected but not this early.  Little did they know I was in contact with France and Great Britain.  When they heard that I was in trouble they jumped into action and accompanied us in war.  After a hard fought battle the allies came through victories!  We lost lots of troops but we will rebuild and come back better than ever!  The ally powers have been talking and I think we all have a plan to derail the enemy.

Italy 4 1915

After a successful defense in the last year the ally powers have developed a plan to use our powerful navies to attack and destroy the central powers Navy.  We have mobilized our troops and moved France and Great Britain’s troops into Italy and we plan on taking over Austria Hungary in our next moves.  There is a steady wall all around the central powers and it is just a matter of time before that wall caves in on the central powers.

Italy 4 1916

The Allies have come up with the plan of taking over the Ottoman empire.  We are teaming with Great Britain and France.  Our fail proof plan failed and we lost 200 troops.  We are going to take it back to the drawing boards and develop a defense strategy for the rest of this year.

Italy 4 1917

We were surprised when the Central powers decided against attacking us in the beginning of the year.  The allies took advantage of this mistake made by them and we took over more than half of Austria Hungary.  The attacks were led by 4000 Italy troops.  We have them right where we want them.  Backed in a corner.  The United States joined the fight this year and will be a great help in defeating the Central powers once and for all.

Italy 4 1918

The allies went into this year with great confidence.  After taking over part of Austria Hungary last year Italy had over four thousand troops and left 1000 troops in Italy as backup.  We weren’t expecting an attack from German.  But that it exactly what happened.  Germany attacked Italy troops in Austria Hungary so Italy sent up over a thousand troops for support.  It was our five thousand vs Germany three thousand.  Unfortunately, Germany got the best of us.  We lost Italy.  And from there on out it only got worse for us.  The allies put together a total of 8 thousand troops to go into war against germany including over a thousand from the United States.  Germany put together 4 thousand troops.  Some how some way Germany came out with the victory.  That was the end of the war and in a total shock.  We lost. (TM)