World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire 4 1913

My alliances and I got together to discuss what we wanted to do (Germany and Austria Hungary). Our main goal is to attack Serbia for taking for killing the Archduke. But first we need to take out Romania to do that. The first thing we decided was that we either needed to take out Italy or align with them. Austria Hungary talked to Italy about aligning with the Central Powers and they reclined, so the best thing to do was take them out the next day. Ottoman Empire also made an alliance with Bulgaria to hopefully go behind their back and take them over.

Ottoman Empire 4 1914

Austria Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman Empire mobilized our troops. I moved 200 of my troops to Bulgaria so that we could attack Romania in the future. Our first move was to attack Italy. Austria Hungary and Germany moved troops to Italy, But the Allied Powers were victorious. Our next plan was to attack Belgium, and the Allies were victorious again. Hopefully with them using all of their troops it will give us an advantage.

Ottoman Empire 4 1915

Today is the day we try and fight back. My goal is to get Romania and Greece but unfortunately my alliance has other plans right. Serbia it is. The Central Powers tried attacking Serbia, but the Allied Powers were again victorious. So far our armies have not been strong enough, because the Allied powers brings in quite a lot of troops to battle against us. Our next plan is to attack Belgium one last time and see if we can get it, finally this time we were victorious. The allies come back with Attacking 02 of my country, and unfortunately were victorious. I will have to regain my territory as soon as possible.

Ottoman Empire 4 1916

Today our goal is to regain the territory that we have lost and gain some new territory. The Allies declared war first and were able to take Austria Hungary’s A3 territory by using troops from Russia. After gaining that territory they tried to take over The Ottoman Empire capitol. I decided to move my 200 troops back to 01 to hopefully make a difference. Even though I only had 1900 troops and the Allies had about 2500, somehow we pulled it off. After that war was done for the day, and we decided to keep planning for the next day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and we can start gaining some countries.

Ottoman Empire 4 1917

The Allies started us off by declaring war to take back Belgium, we did not have enough troops to cover, and they used poison gas to kill our men. Belgium is now Allied Powers territory. They also took over Austria-Hungary’s A2 and A1. So far, this war is not turning out for the Central powers. Serbia offered the Ottoman Empire an alliance to help take over Bulgaria, in exchange for safety of my country. I declined the alliance, so that I would;t go against my own alliance. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for the Central Powers.

Ottoman Empire 4 1918

The Central Powers started off with war. Luckily there weren’t many troops in Serbia, Romania, Greece, and Italy so we were able to gain some new territory. We then proceeded to gain back 02, A1, A3, and A2. The allies tried to take over Germany’s capitol but were unsuccessful. The Central Powers also gained part of France. We cam back strong and ended up winning the war. (TM)