World War One Simulation

Russia P5 1913

We as a country made several alliances, along with mobilizing our troops. With these new alliances, we as a country believe we can win this war. We will stop German and Austrian expansion to the east. We will begin our attack in the south and our first goal will be to take the Ottoman Empire. With our vast numbers of troops they will be no match for the Russian Army!!!!

Russia P5 1914

We have made an attack on Bulgaria as we had reason to believe they were siding with the Central Powers. Serbia assisted us in the assault. It seems as we were correct as the Ottoman Empire came to aid Bulgaria in their defense. We were out numbered, and the battle was lost. We did manage to spread some of the Ottoman Empires troops. Making their southeastern borders more vulnerable. Our allies have begun to move troops to Belgium. We must hold Belgium from the Germans. The Ardennes forest will help France defend themselves from Germany. As long as allied troops are in Belgium France will be protected. Germany declared war against us. They have attacked and destroyed a part of our navy. They will pay for this treacherous act!!!!

Russia P5 1915

The Germans have made another attack against Mother Russia. They have taken our most western region. This will not go unanswered. We will attack the Germans and reclaim what is ours! We have moved 3,00,000 troops towards our Western boarders. We will retake and conquer the Germans! We have also moved our troops towards our southern borders. Making a move on the Ottoman Empire. They have increased their number of troops around our borders. This is seen as a threat and will not go without action. We will attack the Ottoman Empire. Taking them will allow more access to the sea. We need the Dardanelles Straight in order for our allies to provide us with supplies!

Russia P5 1916

We fell short in our assault against the Ottoman Empire. We received great losses. Our allies assisted us in the assault but we still fell short. Over 7,000,000 young men lost their lives in the attempt to take the Ottoman Empire and reclaim our land from Germany. It may be in our best interest to protect our land and stay away from combat for awhile. Enough Russian lives have been lost. It’s time for our allies to get involved and start putting an end to the central powers’s anarchy.

Russia P5 1917

The Central Powers made an attack on Italy. Reinforcements from France and Great Britain came in their time of need. Italy was held and the Allies were victorious! This was a big turning point for us and our allies in this war. Germany attacked Belgium later that year and we were defeated. Germany took control of Belgium and then attacked France. Even with a lot of reinforcements France was still defeated. The German Army was to strong. Troops from the United States and Great Britain were transported to another area of France to prepare for an attack. We build up troops in an effort to defend the land we still controlled.

Russia P5 1918

Austria-Hungry have attacked a part of Italy. Great Britain came to their aid bringing troops from their navy. We successfully defended Italy. Great Britain then made an attack on the Ottoman Empire. They were victorious as well! the Ottoman Empire was no match for Great Britain’s vast army. The Dardanelles straight was finally taken. Our allies can now bring us supplies through it. Our soldiers are better equipped now. The United States and Great Britain made one final push back towards Germany! We were victorious and took back the rest of France. Germany is in their downfall now. With the United States, Great Britain and France, the Allies could defeat all of Germany and Austria-Hungry. We could reclaim the Balkans and help our allies in Serbia. (TM)