France 7 1913 

France’s objectives are simple and clear. France would like to alliance with other Allies, keeping the ball in their court. With backing up from Great Britain and Russia, we will have strong powers. We also wish to keep the trade route from the Ottoman empire that we wish to pass freely from. France struck a deal with the Ottoman Empire President, but in turn because we had kept it a secret, nothing could be done, and France did regret their choice.  And we chose to help Belgium in their efforts to keep them from being invaded, and sent 15 troops from outer border to the cause. We would be willing and ready to send troops to their aid at any time. I shall discuss the terms of our alliance with the other Alliance Powers. The last thing that France was able to accomplish was mobilizing in preparation for war. Meeting of France 7, 1914 is adjourned. 

France 7 1914 

War on the French Borders is steady and we haven’t seen much movement from the Central Powers as of the beginning of 1914, but France had decided to make alliances with Great Britain, Russia, Moentergro, Belgium and a secret alliance with the Ottoman Empire. Russia asked us to join their cause and protect them against the Ottoman, German, and Austria-Hungary armies, and we agreed, because we had the same goal of defeating the Central Powers. My team also moved 15 of our troops to the Belgium border to help strengthen Belgium’s alliance with us and to help Great Britain who had already sent 15 of their troops. Britain also sent 15 troops to match us, and together we now have a common alli with Belgium. The next thing that we would like to focus on is gaining back the land of Alsace and Lorriane. We are not so sure how to do this yet, because according to maps that land is the forest area, we can only send 1000 troops at a time. We will discuss further plans at our next meeting. Meeting of France 7, 1914 is adjourned. 

France 7 1915

As war ideas spread throughout Europe. As time passes France has asked for movement from Great Britain of 500 troops to fulfill the attack plan and take back Alsace and Lorraine. With the new information on the Ardennes Forest only being able to send 1000 troops, we have to postpone the movement until further information could be gathered. France also struck a deal with Italy in the beginning of 1915, to strengthen their fight for Germany’s land. At the end of the year Austria-Hungary tried to attack Serbia, but we were able to defend the land and take it for our own. One of the other wars that happened today was Bulgaria vs Greece. France wasn’t able to help since we weren’t able to travel such a distance, but at the end of the day, the war was won by Bulgaria. At the end of the year, Great Britain’s offices had not gotten back to us in time, and plans of French war on Germany had begun. French resources would overnight to come up with a new plan and be ready for 1916. Meeting of France 7, 1915 is adjourned. 

France 7 1916

France’s allies, Serbia and Italy made a plan to invade Austria Hungary A2, but the Central Powers figured out our plan and we had to adjust. Coming up with a plan to take A1, and then Italy send troops to take G2 for France, France had decided to ally with Italy and Montenegro to win back land, while the other Ally Powers set to defend Russia and take over the Ottoman Empire. Plans changed and the outcome of war caused us to postpone our attack until further information could be gathered.  Germany and Austria Hungary did declare war over Serbia and were able to capture it, but the Allies were able to keep Montenegro. Next “year†France is going to invade Germany G2 with Poison Gas and then work with the US to take Germany. Italy, the United States, and Great Britain are all in for defeating Germany. Meeting of France 7, 1916 is adjourned. 

France 7 1917

In hopes to finally capture and win back Alsace and Lorraine, France sent in 1000 troops with poison gas at the very beginning of the year. We lost a quick battle, barely taking any of their troops down with us. According to France’s resources, we have gained the information that Germany has a 8-10 on their army scale, while we are only at a mear 5. Great Britain and I sent in troops (I sent 700, and they sent 300) in hopes of taking out a few more of their troops. We lost once again, but was able to take a few more troops with Great Britain helping. In a final means to get Alsace and Lorraine I sent in 945 of my own troops without the help of anyone else. I used poison gas, and in the end, we had lost those troops. This has wounded our army and marral. America and Britain planned to take Germany and distract them to get their goal. Germany then outnumbered Russia and forced them to give up land and troops died. In the very end we had America, British army, and Portugal gather in F1. As the year comes to a close, France prepares for war with Italy. Meeting of France 7, 1917 is adjourned. 

France 7 1918

France’s final “haza†was to have other allies move troops into Italy, while others moved there’s into F1. We wanted to take Austria Hungary in A1, but knew that the more that would join the fight, the better it would be in the end. The other allies were relingtant, and stayed back. Germany took over R4 of Russia, and Russia collapsed and is no longer a part of the war. We are far off from declaring war, but we make movements every round to keep our borders strong against the others. In the end the year ended before we could even start, and that was the end of France’s role in WW1 (we ran out of time in class because of the wrestling send off). Meeting of France 7, 1918 is adjourned. (TM)