Mind Maps

Students will use Critical Thinking Skills to sequence and create a mind map of events helping them to understand why historical events happened and the impact those decisions had in these world history activities . (TM)
World History Diagrams (TM)
Example Coggle

Creating Coggles

Coggle is an online Mind Mapping program. 

  • Students begin with a central topic and organize the information from the textbook (green branches) in a way that they can understand better. 
  • Students then add Concept Branches (purple branches) that fit the information.
  • Students add links to outside information (blue branches) that they feel needs further explanation.
  • Students will then answer and create Higher Order Thinking Questions (red branches) that they are given and develop their own as well.​

 How a Coggle Works

Green Branches: Notes

Purple Branches: Concepts

Blue Branches: Outside Links

Red Branches: Student & Higher Order Thinking Questions


Free Coggle Lessons

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We also have Ancient World History & Modern World History Presentations

Volume 6

Module 28: World War II (1939-1945) World War II Resources

Lesson 1: Hitler's Lightning War

Lesson 2: Japan's Pacific Campaign

Lesson 3: The Holocaust

Lesson 4: The Allied Victory

Lesson 5: Europe and Japan In Ruins

Module 29 Cold War Conflicts (1945-Present) Cold War Resources

Lesson 1: Cold War: Superpowers Face Off

Lesson 2: Communists take power In China

Lesson 3: Wars In Korea and Vietnam

Lesson 4: The Cold War Divides The World

Lesson 5: The Cold War Thaws

Module 30: The Colonies Become New Nations (1920-2005)

Lesson 1: The Indian Subcontinent Achieves Freedom

Lesson 2: Southeast Asian Nations Gain Independence

Lesson 3: New Nations In Africa

Lesson 4: Conflicts In The Middle East

Lesson 5: Central Asia Struggles

Module 31: Struggles For Democracy (1945-Present)

Lesson 1: Democracy: Case Study: Latin American Democracies

Lesson 2: The Challenge of Democracy In Africa

Lesson 3: The Collapse of The Soviet Union

Lesson 4: Changes In Central and Eastern Europe

Lesson 5: China: Reform and Reaction

Module 32: Global Interdependence (1960-2015)

Lesson 1: Science and Technology Transform Life

Lesson 2: Global Economic Development

Lesson 3: Global Security Issues

Lesson 4: Terrorism

Lesson 5: Environmental Challenges

Lesson 6: Cultures Blend in a Global Age

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